Hail To The Seniors

You know what? I'm tired of talking about flying beer cans and borish fan behavior. I think we need a feel good story in here. So let's talk some football. This weekend is the last home game of the year, otherwise known as Senior Day.  In case you missed it, reader Jesse wrote an excellent diary about what Senior Day meant to him. For those of you new to BSD this season we started a tradition last year called Senior Day Haiku to honor the all of the kids, from the All Americans to the walkons, by spotlighting each one of them in prose. Readers are invited to pay tribute to the players listed below in the comments through Haiku, or if you wish just share a favorite story or two. Some players being introduced on Saturday are leaving the program with a year or two of eligibility left. The number in parenthesis represents the number of years of eligibility they have left. So without further delay, I give you Senior Day Haiku in alphabetical order.

#40 LB - Dan Connor (0)

Ocean waves crashing
Ringing in your ears won't stop
Connor smashed your face

#42 Saf - Jason Ganter (0)

Temple was driving
Your interception stopped them
Shutout was preserved

#4 WR - Terrell Golden (0)

Always fought injuries
Never knew what you could do
Leave us wanting more

#34 FB - Matt Hahn (0)

All work no glory
Such is the life of fullbacks
Bite my ACL

#96 PK - Joe Hughes (1)

Three times you tried out
Kelly got hurt...the phone rang
Eleven kickoffs

#20 RB - Rodney Kinlaw (0)

Spinning bouncing ZOOM
Too bad it took you four years
To get your big chance

#89 TE - Jordan Lyons (1)

Never stayed healthy
A year left but Quarless starts
Hello wall, meet chalk

#57 LB - Chris Mauriello (0)

Trying to think of
Something to say but drawing
A blank...Good luck, dude.

#14 QB - Anthony Morelli (0)

From Pitt to Penn State
You went from ok to good
Never got to great

#62 G - Ross Muir (1)

Great student athlete
That's what Penn State is about
Walk on makes us proud

#25 WR/CB - Brendan Perretta (0)

We kid about size
Girls say it doesn't matter
In football it does

#39 RB - Nick Pinchek (0)

Down on the depth chart
Got some carries last year
Hope you had some fun

#87 DE - Chris Rogers (1)

Once a Wolverine
JoePa values loyalty
Thus you never played

#78 OL - John Shaw (0)

Shoes made of concrete
Did you suck or were you hurt?
Guess we'll never know

#13 QB - Kevin Suhey (2)

Another Suhey?
What the heck does this one do?
Quarterback? Really?

#63 T - Joe Toriello (1)

Abused in spring game
Joe likes that you're Italian
Yeah...so you got that

#60 C - Patrick Weber (1)

Backup to A.Q.
Pretty good for a walk on
Best of luck to you

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