Penn State - Michigan Stat Comparison

Psulogo_medium Michiganwolverines_medium

Rush Offense (yd/game) 235.1 (12) 102.5 (21) Rush Defense (yd/game) Push
Pass Offense (yd/game) 247 (31) 241.7 (94) Pass Defense (yd/game) Psulogo_medium 
QB Rating 153.3 (15) 121.0 (60) Opp. QB Rating Psulogo_medium 
Total Offense (yd/game) 482.1 (9) 344.2 (54) Total Defense (yd/game) Psulogo_medium 
Sacks Allowed/Game .86 (12) 2.33 (29) Sacks/Game Psulogo_medium 
3rd Down Conv. Offense 52.3% (6) 35.3% (46) 3rd Down Conv. Defense Psulogo_medium 
Scoring Offense (PPG) 45.3 (7) 24.8 (64) Scoring Defense (PPG) Psulogo_medium
Rush Defense (yd/game) 89.9 (11) 130.7 (76) Rush Offense (yd/game) Psulogo_medium 
Pass Defense (yd/game) 169.4 (21) 160.8 (102) Pass Offense (yd/game) Psulogo_medium 
Opp. QB Rating 94.0 (7) 102.3 (108) QB Rating Psulogo_medium 
Total Defense (yd/game) 259.3 (8) 291.5 (109) Total Offense (yd/game) Psulogo_medium 
Scoring Defense 11.0 (6) 18.8 (100) Scoring Offense Psulogo_medium 
Sacks/Game 2.71 (17) 1.33 (33) Sacks Allowed/Game Psulogo_medium 
3rd Down Conv. Defense 27.6% (5) 27.2% (116) 3rd Down Conv. Offense Psulogo_medium 
Kickoff Defense 22.6 (82) 20.7 (76) Kickoff Returns Push
Kickoff Returns 29.2 (3) 20.1 (48) Kickoff Defense Psulogo_medium 
Net Punting 34.7 (64) 5.69 (99) Punt Returns Psulogo_medium 
Punt Returns 12.2 (41) 43.1 (2) Net Punting Michiganwolverines_medium
Takeaways 15 (19) 19 (113) Giveaways Psulogo_medium 
Giveaways 7 (13) 11 (58) Takeaways Psulogo_medium 
Penalty YPG 31.1 (7) 37.7 (44) Penalty YPG Psulogo_medium 

There isn't much you can say here. Michigan is a bad team this year. If we don't beat them now we never will.

Defensively they are pretty respectable but far from great. The defensive line is impressive as their rushing defense numbers indicate. But the secondary is vulnerable and teams like Utah, Notre Dame, and Toledo were able to take advantage of that.

Offensively there isn't much to be scared about with Michigan. Take Sam McGuffie out of the game and you have neutralized half their offense. Odoms and Mathews are wide receivers with potential, but they have quarterbacks that struggle with accuracy and decision making skills. Whether it's Threet or Sheridan there isn't much to be scared of from the quarterback position.

The one aspect of Michigan's game that is going to make life difficult for us will be the punting of Zoltan Mesko - Space Emperor (of Space!). By the end of his day he may need a hip replacement with all the punting he'll be doing, but he will ensure the Penn State offense at least has a long field to work with. Unless of course Derrick Williams busts another return to the house.

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