Projected 2009 Starters - Offense

Penn State will suffer some heavy losses on offense to graduation after the Rose Bowl, as the triplets, 3 All-Big Ten linemen, and Dan Lawlor will all have used up their eligibility.

Here, I'm going to take a look at what I think next year's depth chart will/should be.

First up, offense.


1. DeOntae Pannell - they burned his redshirt early in the year, and he was second string to Cadogan all season. There's no reason to believe he won't naturally progress into the starting role.

2. Nerraw McCormack - He hasn't done much since arrived in University Park, but I think he was redshirted this year. Eric Shrive could push here or at RT.


LG: Sweet Lou

1. Lou Eliades - he was challenging Rich Ohrnberger for this spot in 07 before he got concussed, so it's conceivable he would move back inside with Rich O gone.

2. Johnnie Troutman - he was listed 3rd behind Ohrnberger and Lucian for the Michigan State game.


C: Cheeze Wiz?

1. Stefan Wisniewski - He's taken reps there in the past, and it feels logical to move him inside at this point. Shipley showed what a good center can mean to an offense.

2. Matt Stankiewitch - He took a redshirt this year, but he was a stud in HS and seems to have the right build and attitude for a center. If he's good enough, I could see Stank getting to start at center and Wiz back at RG, but I figure he'd really have to light it up for that.


RG: Could be interesting...

1. JB Walton - he was 2nd string to Wiz/Lucian all year, so he'll probably get first crack at the gig.

2. Quinn Barham



1. Dennis Landolt - steady and dependable, if not spectacular.

2. ??? Maybe Shrive, or McCormack, or Mike Farrell?


WR: Yikes!

1. Graham Zug - 'nuff said.

2. AJ Price - I hope he's ready, because he'll be needed.

3. Brett Brackett/Derek Moye - I'd be hesisitant to start Brackett because of his lack of speed, but the slot seems like a good place for him. He got a lot of time in the Terrell Golden wideout/h-back role this year, and did a decent job with it. I wouldn't mind letting him continue to do that, and have Moye, who provides more athleticism, as the true slot receiver.

4. Chaz Powell/Moye - is he ready? He could provide the speed and playmaking ability this depleted WR corps will need. If Moye isn't the 3rd receiver, he'd probably figure in here.

5. BrYce McNeal/Justin Brown or James McDonald - McDonald has paid his dues, but I think we'll get one of McNeal or Brown and that kid could get a look here if he's ready.

I think Devon Smith will be used also, in a DWill-type role as a slot and motion back.


QB: 1st Team All Big Ten

1. Daryll Clark - no questions asked.

2. Pat Devlin - again, no questions asked. Great to have a capable backup.

3. ??? Hopefully Kevin Newsome...


RB: All set here.

1. Evan Royster - duh.

2. Stephfon Green - I'd like to see him more involved next year, especially in the slot as a receiving option.

3. Brandon Beachum - I could see him growing into a short-yardage role. He likes to hit people.

4. Curtis Dukes



1. Expect the continued Shuler/Quarless platoon. I doubt Quarless becomes what we thought he might be at this point.

Szczerba comes in for extra muscle at the goal line.


FB: We will miss Lawlor badly. He was a phenomenal lead blocker.

1. Mike Zordich - Hopefully he can fill that role


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