Pat Forde: The Worldwide Leader In Stupidity

Bumped from the FanPosts because it's a perfect example of how Pat Forde's idiocy knows no bounds.  As referenced in the comments, everybody always forgets that Penn State throttled the team that beat mighty Southern Cal.  In Pat Forde's world, losing to four-loss Ole Miss at home is totally excusable because (1) it's convenient to his ridiculous argument, and (2) OMG TIM TEBOW AND S.E.C. SPEED. 

Does anybody actually believe that a one-loss team which lost its game at home to a marginally-decent team deserves the benefit of the doubt for anything?  "Oh, but Ole Miss has four really close losses!"  Yeah, so does Iowa.  Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and USC all have more compelling arguments if we're talking about which one-loss team deserves to sneak into the BCS Championship Game.  Forgive me if I can't figure out where all the Florida love is coming from.  In my opinion, they belong in the back of the one-loss line. -- RUTS

[Late edit to the above paragraph:  I should probably take a look at Okie State's schedule, huh?  They've beaten Missouri and nobody.  Glad I caught it before someone forwarded it to EDSBS.  I'd still put Florida behind Texas and Oklahoma, but way ahead of Oklahoma State.]

Samantha (Longview, Texas): Is it safe to say that if a 1 loss team wins the Big 12 that they are going to the NC title game?

SportsNation  Pat Forde: (2:13 PM ET ) Samantha: Not completely safe, but I think there's a good chance. I think it's possible to have one-loss champs of both the Big 12 AND SEC in the title game and undefeated Penn State screaming its head off. But I also believe the voters (esp the coaches poll) will skew heavily to the Nittany Lions because of the JoePa factor. Gonna be REAL interesting to see how all this plays out.

Chad (LA): What JoePa factor? How about undefeated factor?  For the history of time (before the BCS) college football has been about awarding the team with the best season the NC. Just because some "biased" people believe team A is better than team B doesn't mean it actually is. If PSU is undefeated they deserve to prove they are the best, even if they lose. P.S. if a team wants to win a NC it helps not to lose to Ole Miss....thoughts?

SportsNation  Pat Forde: (2:22 PM ET ) Chad: Undoubtedly, it helps not to lose to Ole Miss. It also helps to play Coastal Carolina, Syracuse, Temple and the Big Ten instead of Miami, Florida State and the SEC.

"whiteoutonly" adds: "It seems to me he has made up his mind that no matter what, Penn State is undeserving."  Indeed.  Thanks, Ohio State!  And while I hate to get involved in these arguments because 95% of them are just intended to generate increased interest and discussion, I can't let this one slide.

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