Why I want UCLA to win...

I've been doing some thinking after heariing all this non-sense about how we can't hang with U$ we are just the same as those Michigan and Illinois teams that got their asses handed to them. So I came to this conclusion...


UCLA beating U$C would do more good than us beating U$C in the Rose Bowl.


The media has already exonerated U$C for losing to Oregon State. They never mention that  when they so proudly claim that U$C should have a shot at the National Title. A loss to a 4-7 UCLA would, hopefully, shot those pundits up and make their respective assholes pucker up to the size of a decimal point.

I would prefer that it is a close loss...where that timeout, Peter didn't need, would've come in handy to challenge a questionable UCLA touchdown...or where he needed it to set up a last second field goal, but runs out of time.

Would it be disappointing to see a rematch with Oregon State? Yes. But wouldn't it be sweet to U$Close again? An emphatic, YES. Look at it this way...say we beat U$C in the Rose Bowl...then what? Does tWWL give us and the Big Ten (11) credit? Or do they make more excuses for U$C...about how they weren't "up" for this game and how they were disappointed to play in the Rose Bowl for a 4th straight year and didn't really care. I'm thinking the latter of the two (and we all know what kind of media shitstorm will ensue if we lose). 

Let's face it...the media loves U$C because they are the ONLY football team out or pro. Think about it...what other perennial powerhouse football teams exist in the west? U$C is ALL they have to talk that's what they do.

Of course U$C will probably blow out UCLA and I will be happy to play U$C in the Rose Bowl, because I think it's the best BCS matchup other than the NC game. However, I LOVE seeing U$C lose. Almost as much as watching Notre Dame lose...and to give you an idea of how much I love watching ND father and I tape the post-game Notre Dame shows just to watch Chuckie flounder as he blames everyone except himself...licking his fat lips as he thinks to himself, "What was in that danish I just ate? Was it cheese? 'Cause it's okay if it was cheese."....but I digress.

The bottom line is, the media will never give us and the Big Ten (11) credit until we put on two strong years in a row. So, I think it would be nice for UCLA to win...thus taking U$C's member from those hippies mouths and replacing it with a nice big shit burger to eat.

Thanks for listening.

Now, your thoughts...


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