Letter Of Intent Day Open Thread

Today is the day...maybe not so much

It's Christmas day for the recruitniks. Time to find out who got the shiny new bicycle and who got the tube socks. Stay tuned to BSD for breaking news. I'll be floating in and out to give updates as I hear them. Please share any information you hear in the open thread. Some things to watch for today.

First and foremost review the safety card in the seat in front of you. We're all about safety here and we don't want anyone getting hurt.

Terrelle Pryor is supposed to announce his decision at noon today. Either that or he will announce he's going to say he's not ready to make a decision yet. If you listen to the Ohio State insiders he's a lock for the Buckeyes. If you listen to the Michigan insiders he's a lock for the Wolverines. If you listen to the Penn State insiders we're still on the outside but we're coming on strong. Whatever he says I'll have his answer up here for you as soon as I hear it. So flex your index finger and get it loose. I think we're all going to be hitting the refresh button like monkeys on crack today.

You may have heard yesterday that there was an internet rumor going around that Deion Walker reopened his recruiting over the weekend, and it's now down to Penn State, Notre Dame, and Tennessee. As soon as I hear something I'll share that with you as well.

The other big question mark will be Michael Shaw who Michigan insiders have been saying is wavering in his commitment to PSU and is looking at the Wolverines. Penn State insiders claim he is still solid to the Lions. So we'll see there.

GoPSF.com will be posting the faxed in letters as the recruits send them in. So you can follow along as the day goes.

UPDATE: According to Rivals.com National Recruiting Analyst Mike Farrell, Terrelle Pryor will be delaying his decision. This is actually a very good sign for Penn State.

8:30 AM: Letters are in for A.J. Price, Matt Stankiewitch, Mike Yancich, and Pete Massaro.

9:13 AM: James Terry has faxed his letter in.

9:24 AM: Earlier this morning Deion Walker reaffirmed his commitment to Notre Dame. I understand his letter has been sent in. It's over with him.

9:27 AM: Letters are in for Jack Crawford and Mike Zordich.

10:10 AM: D'Anton Lynn is a Nittany Lion. Exhale, but just a little bit. Rumors are swirling that Michael Shaw has faxed in his LOI to Michigan. It's spreading like wild fire throughout the Michigan and PSU boards. I'm watching live updates from his presser and he hasn't made an official announcement yet.

10:15 AM: Michael Shaw has delayed his decision until 1 PM today.

10:55 AM: Mark Wedderburn has faxed in his LOI.

11:09 AM: DeOn'tae Pannell is a Nittany Lion.

11:56 AM: Pryor presser scheduled in a few mintues. BSD is going to get some lunch. He's thinking a cheesesteak with hot peppers today. No more updates for about 30 minutes. Only Ware, Farrell, and Shaw left to go.

1:19 PM: Michael Shaw has selected Michigan. Message board meltdown in 3...2...1...

3:20 PM: Letters have been received from Brandon Ware and Mike Farrell. That will conclude the activities for the day. Analysis to follow tonight or tomorrow.

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