Staff Predictions: Penn State At Syracuse

Last minute predictions from your trusty Black Shoe Diaries staff:

Kevin HD:  Coastal Carolina was the very first game and Oregon State was the first BCS test.  Syracuse is...a team that was handled by Akron and blown out by Northwestern.  Reading up on the rivalry was fun and allowed us to revisit the Eastern Conference debate, but other than that this game has about as much appeal as the molding orange RUTS posted in yesterday's preview.
But that doesn't mean there aren't things to see.  I expect the offensive line to continue to dominate and look forward to some nifty runs from Royster.  I would really like to see Devlin and Green run the real-life offense in order to (1) see what they got, and (2) give them some encouragement.  Clark is going to run and as a result, might get banged up; it's imperative that the second string skill players have the confidence to step right in.
Penn State 55, Syracuse 10

BSD Mike:  I was holding out hope that this game would be semi-competitive. But the Orange lost to Northwestern 30-10, and then they lost to Akron 48-28 at home. If Akron can score 48 points we should score 60. And if Northwestern can hold them to 10 we should shut them out.
The only chance Syracuse has is to control the ball with Brinkley and Carter and keep the high-powered Penn State offense off the field. Even then, they better hope Clark and Devlin both tear their ACL's in the first quarter and Evan Royster has twelve fumbles. I think this game will be over by the end of the first quarter.
Penn State 55, Syracuse 3

Run Up The Score:  It's a "name your score" scenario for Penn State.  Knowing Joe Paterno's ancient hatred for Syracuse, I'd expect him to show little mercy.  Then again, mercy may be an impossibility in this game.  Penn State's likely going to get a lead, and then run, run, run at Syracuse, who currently scrapes the bottom of the barrel when it comes to run defense...and that's after playing Northwestern and Akron.  It's going to be ugly from beginning to end.  I wouldn't be remotely shocked if Brent Carter approaches 100 yards on the ground in the second half.  There will be clamors for Pat Devlin and Stephfon Green, but don't expect much in the way of fireworks from those two.  Given the mundane plays that Stephfon Green was forced to run last week against Oregon State, it's hard to imagine the coaching staff coming up with anything innovative to show off Green's speed.  Because Royster has been great, the coaches haven't needed to show their Stephfon Green money plays yet. 

Penn State 48, Syracuse 7

Don't forget to visit BSD tomorrow during the game for the Pants Off Dance Off Gameday Open Thread.  Punch and cookies will be served.

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