Blogpoll Week 4...or is it 5?

I can't remember which. Does the preseason count as week one? I dunno.

This week I watched Penn State stop my heart for 15 minutes. Then they said "psyche!" and completely annihilated Temple with a 31 point second quarter. I caught the first quarter of the Florida-Tennessee game, and really, that's all anyone needed to see. How Phil Fulmer worked a contract extension this year is beyond me. So I switched over and caught the final three quarters of the Michigan State-Notre Dame game. Then I watched bits and pieces of the Wake Forest and Florida State during the commercials of the LSU-Auburn game which turned out to easily be the best game of the bunch. I also watched West Virginia lose in overtime to Colorado last Thursday. Now on to the ballot.

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 Florida --
3 Oklahoma --
4 LSU 3
5 Georgia --
6 Missouri 2
7 Texas 1
8 Penn State --
9 Wisconsin --
10 Texas Tech --
11 Alabama 1
12 Brigham Young 2
13 Auburn 2
14 Ohio State 6
15 Utah --
16 South Florida --
17 Wake Forest 1
18 Boise State 8
19 Illinois 2
20 Clemson 4
21 Colorado 5
22 Oregon 9
23 Nebraska 3
24 East Carolina 7
25 Northwestern 1

Dropped Out: Kansas (#19), Iowa (#22), West Virginia (#23), Fresno State (#25).

Movin' On up

LSU - Going on the road and winning against another solid SEC team deserves a few spots in the polls.

Ohio State - Terrelle Pryor has the Buckeye offense moving again. We'll see how he does against Big Ten competition. But I like their chances with him better than without him.

Movin' On Down

Auburn - But not much. In my opinoin you shouldn't drop much when you lose to a team ranked higher than you. I mean, you were expected to lose, right?

Oregon - Is there any team that plays with our emotions more than Oregon? Just when you start to think they're good they go out and lay an egg. It must suck to be a Duck fan.

East Carolina - The win over West Virginia doesn't look so impressive anymore, and I never thought the win over Virginia Tech was impressive. Oh yeah, and they lost to NC State.

Kansas - Kansas? I'm not sure why I left them off the poll. I guess I never like them. What the heck is Rock Chop Jay Hawk mean anyway?

Iowa - Way to go, Kirk. We're trying to build some Big Ten mojo here and you lose to Pitt. During a yellow out no less. Remember when everyone thought this guy was going to be our next coach?

Welcome to the Dance

Boise State lands at #18 after taking Oregon behind the woodshed.

Colorado debutes at #21 after knocking off West Virginia in overtime.

Nebraska shows up at #23 because they are 3-0 and I have to put someone there.

Northwestern sneaks in at #25 because they are 4-0 for the first time since 1676 and they kind of think they're good. I'm just feeding their delusion a little bit so the fall back to reality is that much more fun to watch.

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