Penn State Demoralized by Minnesota

Final - 1.11.2009 1 2 Total
Penn St. Nittany Lions 30 29 59
Minnesota Golden Gophers 40 39 79

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There's no way to shine up this turd. Penn State flew out to Minnesota and got their butts handed to them plain and simple. It was one of those games where you go down by three early. Then three turns into five. Five turns into ten. Ten turns into fifteen. And then before you know it you're down by 25 points midway through the second half and you're wondering how the Steelers are doing over on CBS.

The Good

Chris Babb got a lot of playing time? I don't know. I'm reaching here. It's hard to find anything good in this craptastic game. Talor Battle had 19 points and 9 assists. So there's that. But most of his points came when the game was already out of hand.

The Bad

The Penn State offense rode the struggle bus all day. They had a tough time dealing with the press and all the different looks Tubby Smith was throwing at them. It seemed like every pass and every shot was contested.

Jamelle Cornley only had 10 points. Stanley Pringle only had seven. The announcers said it best. For Penn State to win, they need Battle and Pringle to score nearly 20, Cornley to score 15, and one or two other guys to step up and score in double digits. That didn't happen today and it resulted in a blowout loss.

The defense was terrible. Minnesota was slashing to the basket for easy buckets and nailing shots from outside. For the game the Gophers were an unheard of 9-for-9 from three point range. I've never heard of such a thing.

The Ugly

This is just another night in a season David Jackson probably wants to forget. DJ finished with zero points, two rebounds, three personal fouls and three turnovers in just 13 minutes. I think he even had two or three of his shots blocked. Ed mercifully yanked him when it was evident that giving him the ball only resulted in disaster. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out how one of our most consistent players from last year can suck so bad this year.

From beginning to end Penn State was just getting outhustled. Minnesota was attacking and getting every loose ball and rebound. They just wanted it more, and that's the disturbing part about this performance today.

Looking Ahead

Penn State has a few days to lick their wounds and do some soul searching before they welcome the Michigan State Spartans to the Jordan Center Wednesday night at 6:30 PM on the BTN. Penn State upset the Spartans in Happy Valley last year with this exact same lineup, but don't expect to take Michigan State by surprise this year. And don't expect to get 51 free throw attempts like we did last year either.

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