Entirely One-Sided Internet Questionsing With Black Heart Gold Pants


Incredible work above brought to you by TNL. Cuz we Nittany Lions stick together, yo.

Because the Big Ten Bloggers are inherently a lazy and two-step behind group, we are just now getting to a proper wrap up of Saturday's come from behind victory over Iowa.  To help us get a wider view of what this victory means, we meant to invite the excellent photo-shoppers bloggers at Black Heart Gold Pants over for a discussion.  Because this thing needs to be posted before people forget the game even happened, we've created a series of questions in which their only response could be....well, you can see for yourself. 

BSD: Greetings, Black Heart Gold Pants.  To confirm you are not Anti-Spyware Agent 008, please answer the following math questions: What is 47 less 33?

BHGP: [sits straight up in chair, very alert]

BSD: Here, maybe you read better in chart form?



BHGP: [gagging]

BSD: Okay, let's try another method, context: what was the largest lead Iowa was able to build in last Saturday's basketball game?

BHGP: [hand on knees, coughing]

BSD: Correct!  We now know you are in fact BHGP.  So, much is being made of Jamelle Cornley's post-T performance.  He's being called the Michael Robinson of basketball!  When it happened, you had to be feeling pretty good about Iowa's chances, correct?

BHGP: [face starting to turn white]

BSD: I see. Well, people have wondered why Iowa didn't call a timeout to set up that last possession. Some have said that the team was bewildered by what has been consistently the least intimidating venue in Big Ten basketball, yet for some reason Hawkeyes Coach Todd Lickliter stood on the sidelines supastupigasted (having such little poise that calling an obvious timeout was beyond your means despite no overwhelming evidence that the Jordan Center was at the present moment overly intimating). [Hold it. --ed] Who are you? [The BHGP editor, I am usually tasked with monitoring the shenanigans over at BHGP, but I was asked to follow the boss over here to BSD --ed] So why are you editing my posts? I'm not going to pay you for this. [It's just part of my personality. Anyway, that's not a word, and although I've seen some made up things in my day, I think you meant to say superstupigasted. --ed] I'm trying to capture the essence of a state of being, and super doesn't really do it for me. I need the drawn out 'a' to really drive home how poor a decision that was. Plus it ties the word together nicely. [But 'supa' isn't a word. --ed] Neither is supastupigasted. [Whatever. --ed] So, BHGP, your thoughts on the idea to let the end of the game play out?

BHGP: [leaning over, pounding chest]

BSD: Our thoughts exactly. So, before you go, in an effort to add relevant tags to online photos, Google has created a game for users that shows two people the same picture and asks them to use as many words as possible to describe it. Words that appear on both peoples' list are added as tags. Want to play?

BHGP: [frantic look on face, unable to speak words]

BSD: Great, here is the photo, let's compare notes in 15 seconds:


...alright, your list?

BHGP: [holding hands across neck in universal sign of choking]



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