What Has Derrick Williams Done For You?  Nothing. Absolutely Nothing.

There's a rather hilarious thread, started by the father of Derrick Williams, going on at the free Fight On State message board. Chris Morelli, editor of Blue White Illustrated and apparent freelance writer for western Pennsylvania fishwrappers, wrote a column which (if you're a Penn State fan, at least) was the equivalent of two muscle-bound guys barging into your house, shoving your head in the toilet, and pissing on your rug.


In Soviet Union, crappy article writes you, Man!

In fact, Morelli took shots at damn near every high-profile Penn State player except for Sean Lee, because let's face it, Morelli's a western Pennsylvania guy and he'd be assaulted within the hour for bagging on Sean Lee. Morelli is especially focused on Derrick Williams for some odd reason.

I keep hearing how Derrick Williams increased his draft stock with a solid performance at the Senior Bowl on Saturday. Why did Williams have to increase his stock? Because he never lived up to the hype at Penn State, that's why. Williams came to Penn State as the nation's No. 1 recruit, according to rivals.com. Did he ever live up to that?

No. In fact, he didn't even come close to living up to it. He's a third- or fourth-round pick. Tops.

Hilariously, that passage has been edited since yesterday.  It originally was much more insulting, calling Williams the most overrated player in Penn State history and hoping that the Pittsburgh Steelers wouldn't think of drafting him in a few months.

Apparently, if there's a guy you definitely don't want on your team, it's Derrick Williams.  Dude's been nothing but trouble since he arrived in State College, hasn't he?

The really strange part is that Williams seems to be an obsession of Chris Morelli.  This is just from the past seven months alone:


After the Rose Bowl:  5. D-Wheels gets a D. Once again, Derrick Williams failed to step up in a big game. The former No. 1 recruit in the nation failed to make plays with the spotlight on him. He finished the game with four catches and a touchdown. He's highly overrated, and he proved it again on Jan. 1.

After the Illinois game:  Four years. That's how long coaches, media and fans have been waiting for Derrick Williams to break out and have a monster game...During his sophomore and junior years, he never able to live up to hype of being the No. 1 recruit. Now, though, he appears motivated like never before. Perhaps it's the riches of the NFL that are driving him. Perhaps he wants to rack up the stats before he departs Dear Old State.

July 26, 2008 - "Will the real Derrick Williams please stand up - or has he already?"

There's your capsule.  Derrick Williams is overrated, doesn't show up in big games, and is driven by money and statistics.  He also should be faulted for not having the ability to call his own plays, and should have done a better job throwing the ball to himself in 2006 and 2007.

Now, I don't know the motivation here.  Maybe Morelli was stiffed on an interview yeras ago and holds a grudge.  Maybe he's trying to become Clearfield County's version of Skip Bayless -- willing to say any random, inflammatory shit to get noticed.  If so, congratulations!  You've been noticed!  For being a douche!

The rest of the column (except for a rather nice piece on Daryll Clark and his dad) is a stunning marriage of the vengeful and the obvious.  Kicking departing PSU players in the rear end as they walk out the door?  Check.  Anthony Scirrotto is overrated.  Aaron Maybin isn't worth a first-round pick.  Maurice Evans is a fool for leaving early.  What, nothing about Chet Parlevecchio running a stop sign?  Things you probably knew already?  Check.  If the PSU basketball team wins, more fans will attend.  Russ Rose is a very good coach.  Penn State will miss A.Q. Shipley.  The BCS is a joke.  My cat's breath tastes like cat food.





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