Reason #562 Why Bleacher Report Sucks

Bleacher Report can be a dangerous thing. It has the look of an official news site that offers opinions from paid professionals. But in fact it's just a blog for people who don't know what they're talking about. Case in point, this post by Andrew Kaufman titled "The PAC 10 Should Cut Ties With The Rose Bowl."

The problem for the Pac-10 is that, when USC crushes a Big Ten team in the Rose Bowl, USC’s success isn’t the story. The Big Ten’s failure is. The majority of the country considers the outcome a validation of their beliefs about the Big Ten—“Of course USC won easily, they were playing a team with worse athletes"—as opposed to a confirmation of USC as a great football team and of the Pac-10 as a great football league.

If the Pac-10 wants to establish itself as an elite football conference, it needs to break away from the chains of the Rose Bowl and start pitting its top teams against the cream of the SEC and Big 12 in BCS bowls.

Only the Pac-10 can fix this problem. The Rose Bowl has no reason to change its arrangement—it is an extremely well-watched affair and is the only BCS bowl with its own television contract.

The Big Ten is perfectly fine with things as they are: Cutting ties with the Rose Bowl would only mean less prestigious bowl appearances and smaller paychecks for its teams.

It is the Pac-10 that is suffering, and there is only one solution.

The Pac-10 must cut ties with the Rose Bowl.

This is some of the dumbest drivel I've ever read on the internet. Just because there is one giant fish in the PAC-10/Big Ten pond we should dissolve the entire arrangement? To hell with what the other 20 schools want?

Ask any one of the other PAC-10 schools if they would have liked to play in the Rose Bowl this year and I guarantee you every one of them would have jumped at the chance. I know for a fact that Penn State fans were thrilled to be playing in the Grandaddy of the All this year. Any other Big Ten fan would be equally honored. Heck, Ohio State fans were playing out scenarios in their heads that would get them into the Rose Bowl before Penn State lost to Iowa. It's still the dream of every other Big Ten and PAC-10 school to go to the Rose Bowl every year.

But according to Mr. Kaufman, USC plays by different rules. That's fine, but I don't remember anyone saying the Rose Bowl should ditch the PAC-10 when the Big Ten was dominating it back in the 90's. These things go in cycles and I suspect the day will come when once again the Big Ten is the superior conference.

If the status quo isn't good enough for USC and their fans, maybe they should consider leaving the PAC-10.

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