Media Hate [UPDATE]

On the #1 Cochran Sports Showdown last night, the Pgh Post-Gazette's Paul Zeise had some interesting stats concerning Penn State football:

In the past 10 seasons, Penn State is 5-20 against Ohio State, Michigan and Iowa.

In the past 10 seasons, Penn State is 5-10 against non-conference BCS schools with a winning record.

Paul Zeise is the Pitt football beat reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

My response via the internets.

Dear Paul,

Just wanted to respond to your little statistics from the Showdown the other night.  

Funny you make 10 years the cut-off for statistics that "matter" to the health of a program.  Why not go back 15 years?  Or 20?   

Maybe because you know that any further back than that the statistics are good for Penn State, and that this arbitrary 10 year window you've selected to judge how "good" Penn State is includes the worst years the program has had, and excludes all but the most recent success?  

You know as well as I do that statistics any further back than 5 years, when the oldest players in a program started playing for the team, are meaningless.  You just did it to jam Penn State.  Since Lee and Clark have been in uniform, Penn State has won 3 bowl games, two conference titles, and has a  48-13 record, and at this point in time that's all that matters.  If that's not a good program, I don't know what is.  

So much for objective journalism.  But I suppose that's why you write for the Post-Gazette.  

Adam [edit]

State College, Pennsylvania

 Paul Zeise's email address is

UPDATE: To Zeise's credit, he responded quickly.

Or maybe the last ten years are relevant as to what Penn State has actually become and nobody cares what happened in 1994.......well, except for a fan base which is consistently lying to itself about where it actually fits in among the nation's elite in recent years.

Two home games against good opponents, finaly score Opponents 45 Penn State 17 -- that is reality.

Thanks for reading the Post-Gazette,


Wow.  Response:


What happened in 1994 doesn't matter.  It's a good memory, but has nothing to do with the program's success today beyond perhaps adding to the tradition to pitch recruits.  But the same is true of the early 2000s.  

I don't know any main stream Penn State fan that has suggested that the program is among the "elite' in college football right now.  We proved in the Rose Bowl that we're not on that level, and the games you've referenced are further proof.   

But to suggest that Penn State is as sub-par as your statistics suggest is not only irresponsible journalism, but blatant homerism as well.  The oldest Penn State players in uniform are 5-8 against Michigan, Ohio St., and Iowa.  Not exactly compelling, but not as abysmal as you'd like to brainwash your readership into thinking either.  

Have a good one, Adam [edit]  

P.S. Nice grammer


More from the Post-Gazette, this on a more positive note (depending upon how you look at it).

Ron Musselman

BCS expert Jerry Palm said yesterday that he is "90 percent certain" the Nittany Lions will land a spot in the Orange Bowl if they beat Indiana Saturday and Michigan State the following weekend and finish among the top 14 teams in the BCS standings.

90% huh?  I mean, I knew it was a possibility, but 90% seems kind of high to me...

I don't know how I feel about that.  Last year, the Capital One Bowl got higher ratings than the Orange Bowl did.  I mean, that's probably because Cincinatti was involved but still.  At this point, I feel like Penn State's best shot at redeption is in the Cap One Bowl against an SEC team that could actually get some headlines the next day.  The only ACC team that intrigues me is Miami at this point, but would beating Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl be better than beating LSU in the Cap One Bowl?  I'm not so sure.

O, and a special shoutout to any BSVeterans or active duty military.  Happy Veteran's Day, thank you for your service!

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