hypothetical-ness...because i feel like it

My TV didn't work on Saturday.  A major storm knocked out my cable, and i was left to frantically refresh my blackberry for PSU updates.  This afforded me plenty of time to let my mind roam a little bit.  And I may have come up with a few hypothetical topics for discussion.  I'll air them out there and see what you all think about it.  Here we go...

1.)  4-win Purdue played 5-win Michigan State.  Purdue needed to win their last two while MSU needed just one.  Had Purdue won that game, both would have been 5-win teams, needing a win this Saturday.  Purdue against Indiana (a possible win) and MSU against PSU.  Now, it didn't work out that way, so this is a moo point, but if Purdue had won and become bowl eligible, MSU could add another Big Televen team to the bowl season.  We all know that more B10 bowls means more conference money in the pot, and the B10 shares its money among its teams (I believe).  What are the odds that Penn State (or any team in this scenario, since we know JoePa would never allow this) would allow MSU to "pull off the upset" and become bowl eligible?  OSU, Iowa, Wiscy, and PSU all stand to go to high-payout games in the Outback ($3million+), CapOne ($4million+), Rose ($17million+) and Fiesta/Orange/Sugar ($17million+) any any debatable order.  Northwestern is a lock for Alamo ($2million+) and MSU for the Champs Sports ($2million+).  If Purdue were to join the mix, they could be invited to the Insight ($1million+).  Theoretically, if MSU were to "pull the upset" against PSU, the conference would stand to profit.  Obviously this can't happen now, but it could have.  What are your thoughts?  Discuss.


2.)  A little research yielded these trends.  The Big Ten is likely looking at 4 10-win teams. The SEC could get 3 if LSU beats both Ole Miss and Arkansas.  The Nintendo 12, Big East, MWC, and MAC are all looking at 2 10-win teams (likely).  However, the Big Ten will only have 5 7-win teams.  This is fewer than the ACC (6), Nintendo 12 (7), the SEC (8), and PAC-10 (6), and even with the likes of the Big East, C-USA, and MAC.  Only the MWC, WAC, and Sun Belt stand to have fewer 7-win teams (as expected).  What does this say about our conference?  Top-heavy or just mediocre and fat on an awful bottom half?  Looking at our showing in big games, and other teams' reputation for the same, I'd consider joining the club that our conference is flat out lousy for the foreseeable future, with few "prove-it" opportunities to change the national perspective (except PSU-Bama, which could be VERY interesting the next two years).  Is our conference's strength at the top just smoke and mirrors?


3.)  If Michigan can surprise OSU this Saturday,


there could possibly be a 4-way tie for the conference title.  I know the BCS is already decided, but has anything like that ever happened, where more than 1/3 of the conference shares the conference title?



Everyone chew on that for a little while.  I'm gonna get some Advil.



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