A preview of the game from the Ohio State perspective

[EDIT: stolen from WLA. This saddens me because it means Katzenmoyer doesn't really write like this.]

hello come to tell you bout the ohio state football team football that plays really good football and i think youll not like them verr much no

1) ohio state has really good athletic quarterback call Elle Pryor he make lots of good plays with feet very athletic yes i think he really good and i thnk you muss contane him with big fasst bow and arrow name linebacker as spy

top 5 reason you will not defeat gainst the ohio state hawkeye football teem:

3) we hab lots moar tradition then you do becux you are not win national title lately and you have old man dat poops self haha

2) wen i was junior at the ohio state collegge we loss to da state pen football team in da state pen and i think the bucks wil lget der revenge becuas we are much better prepared not like stanly jackson who threw lots of picks and was not very smart footbal player jr year so no i think we get revenge for dat and i pissed at da espn for showin that game becus it not very relevant to current discussion bout da state pen and da ohio state and da footbal lgame that we and dey will play on sat. so i think it no smart at all.

6) the ohi ostate has much better blogs than you, i love 11w and da block o nation becuz they have lots of dunny posts bout old man that poops self hahahaha go bucks

5) when i was sr year at da ohio state we lose to michigan the good one not the big m michigan and i think coach cooper was there but anyway we lost to da nick satan and da good michigan and i think dis time for da ohio state to win national title so we hab to win dis week and we will becuaus

4) becuz we run awesome power run game an you run sisssy spread

7) cocch cooper always tell me i no spell good and shouldnt corruhspawnd (it really big word he say funny so i no spel) wit da meedia so i no do that but neway i think Da Elle Pryor betta talk to media anddat give him advantage so yeah

7) becuz jus like against iowa when your offense is in dawgfight it have no real thing to do so clark gets all pressereed and he maik bad decession becuz he put pressure on self and i no think dat good

10) michian sucks screw them

9) i think dats it no count realy good

8) because daryll clark hasnt defeated any real good competition yet and neither has pryor but clark has more to prove and gainst fierce buckeye front he may cause hiiself to thro lots of picks like he  did gainst iowa so clark has pressure on himself and that not berry good not like joe germany who always calm and cooolected like when he bang hot chicccs in cooch coopers hous so neway i think clark will put pressure on himself and osu can easily shut down da state pen's run game put moar pressure on da clark so he make lots of mistakes and da psu still no play neone michigan nawt very good so i think clark not face real stiff test and succeed so he put pressure on hisself

i think dats it i no count ta 10 realy gut

so neway i big kat andy katzenmoyer and think dis gut game go osu not like da clarret weas here so pryor do good goodbye

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