Big Ten/ACC challenge recap

Allow me to clear my throat.






6-5, Big Ten wins


Indiana, you suck. You had a great class and you still suck. Enjoy the NIT with PSU. Go home. Re-hire Knight.

Michigan, hahahha, you suck too. Go home.

Michigan State, I won't give you too much flak because North Carolina hit 60 percent from 3 point land in the first, and you were still in the game late, but still. Go home.

Minnesota, you suck. Portland's good, but you still shouldn't have lost to them. Go home.

Iowa, you suck. Everyone knows this. I'd tell you to go home, but no one actually attends your games anymore. I honestly feel sorry for you. Cully Payne? Get out of here, man. And tell Cougill to lose some weight. My word. And, seriously, find a role for Gatens. That guy is really talented and he's going to waste and it's a damn shame.


Penn State - 69, Virginia - 66


That's the only recap needed. I will post this picture constantly.

Purdue - 68, Wake Forest - 58

Wake led for long portions of this game, but the Boilers fought back and shut down Wake's offense wonderfully. There was a two minute stretch around the halfway mark of the second half where Purdue went nuts with great pressure D and inside scoring. JaJuan Johnson scored 20+. Hummel, despite a truly awful 3 point shooting game, chipped in 10+. Purdue plays ugly when they have to, but they get the job done, even without key guard Lewis Jackson (out for the season). The gap between Purdue and MSU is now just about gone. Purdue plays Alabama, WVU (should be a great game), and some cupcakes before Big Ten play starts.

Northwestern - 65, North Carolina State - 53


This was one of the more dominant performances by the Big Ten. Northwestern totally shut them down. I didn't watch much of the game, but Nash (guy in picture (I don't remember his first name)) is much better than NW players are supposed to be. StoopsMyAss at BHGP says he doesn't think some of Iowa's guys could start for Northwestern. Carmody's not doing all that badly. And this is all without Coble.

Illinois - 76, Clemson - 74

No Illinois image here because, well, let's just say you really shouldn't do a google image search for "bruce weber" if you're at work or if you're a straight male. Holy crap.

Anyway, Clemson once led this game by 23 points. And they lost. Illinois was clutch, sure, but Clemson once led this game by 23 points. And they're more experienced. And they were at home. At what is one of the toughest arenas in the ACC. And they lost.


There was actually an Illinois basket that was scored because Clemson's Trevor Booker accidentally tipped it in. That's really the game defined.

Best coach ever?

Wisconsin - 73, Duke - 69

This game was so awesome it leaves me with scattered thoughts. Trevon Hughes (26 points and some plainly awesome shots) is the best senior point guard in the conference and he is legit. Leuer is really good. Singler is carrying Duke at times. Musburger is really annoying. Duke lost their first ever game in the challenge. Wisconsin actually scored 70 points in a basketball game.

Ohio State - 77, Florida State - 64

Meh. Ohio State played well, but Florida State can play really, really ugly at times.

And, so, in summary:


A hearty gradulations to all involved in making this possible.

P.S. Penn State is responsible for making the ACC weak and ready for a fall by beating UVA. Totally.

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