It's been a Decade.


Consulting with I’ve constructed my Penn State decade in review.  It’s been a great ten years (by and large).  Here are the high and low points as I remember them from the decade gone by...


12/28/99 – Texas A&M W 24-0:  A strong end to a dismal season.  Needed something positive to start this off with, you’ll see in a second.


9/2/00 – Toledo L 6-24:  Time has been kind to this loss.  Chester Taylor is a hell of a pro, Michigan lost to Appalachian State and a much worse version of Toledo, but this was still awful.  Keep in mind this was pre dark years Penn State, we had no idea this might be coming.  Coined the phrase “you’re no Toledo”, which still pisses off fans of victorious opponents.


9/16/00 – Pittsburgh L 0-12:  I was at this piece of shit.  The tailgate was legendary, hundreds of people and literally dozens of kegs.  They were all, and I mean all, necessary.


9/23/00 – Ohio State L 6-45:  Just when you thought the game and the season couldn’t get any worse.  Adam Talifaro.


9/23/00 – Purdue W 22-20:  Somehow they figured out a way to beat Drew Brees the week after the worst week ever.  Not a dry eye in the house when it was over.  One of the least talked about, proudest days, of the past decade.


10/20/01 – Northwestern W 38-35:  My then girlfriend, eventual Wife, and current Ex-Wife’s first clue that I might actually be a little insane.  Matt Seneca saved the day.


10/27/01 – Ohio State W 29-27:  324.  And I missed it.  I just figured there was no chance, we didn’t have cable at the time and it was a nice day and I didn’t feel like sitting in a bar.  I found a TV for the last couple of minutes.


12/1/01  - Virginia L 14-20:  So close to the dramatic turn around.  Mills fumble killed us.


9/14/02 – Nebraska W 40-7:  In retrospect, we were good and they sucked, but that’s not how it felt at the time. 


11/23/02 – Michigan State W 61-7:  I had to pick an OMG Larry Johnson ran for four trillion yards game, and this one is my favorite.


1/1/02 – Auburn L 9-13:  My first Bowl Game, and I thought we going to kill them, I was wrong, and it kind of set a bad tone.


11/1/03 – Ohio State L 20-21:  My initial impression was to just write 2003 didn’t happen, but this loss was about as big a nut punch as you can get.


11/13/04 – Indiana W 22-18:  There was a goal line stand, and then there was a pulse.


11/20/04 – Michigan State W 37-13:  There was a pulse, and then there was hope.  I thought Paterno was going to retire after the game, I was incorrect.


9/24/05 – Northwestern W 29-34:  Went camping that weekend and missed it.  Internet phones were in their infancy at the time, and fortunately my friend was an early adopter.  I didn’t believe it until I saw the highlights the next day.


10/1/05 – Minnesota W 44-14:  Sometime you get surprised by how easy a win comes, and it’s a happy day.  This was one of those days.  True story, I guaranteed a Penn State win over Ohio State the next day.


10/8/05 – Ohio State W 17-10:  Bachelor party weekend in State College.  Watched the game at Hooters with a bunch of students I met the parking lot, many of whom were underage.  I picked up the check, maybe the best $350 I ever spent, but I lost my class ring.  About three months later I got the ring returned to me in the mail by a waitress.  Thanks.


10/29/05 – Purdue W 33-15:  Nothing special that day except it was my wedding day.  I spent the first two hours in the bar.  It didn’t work out for my Wife and I, but I have no regrets.


1/3/06 – Florida State W 26-23:  If anybody ever tells you that Bowl Games don’t mean anything, point them to this one.  If ever Paterno’s quote, “There was glory all over that field today” applied, this was that day.  Oh, and we had ‘em all the way.


1/1/07 – Tennessee W 20-10:  Tony Hunt gets a lot of credit for this game, and deservedly so.  But that fumble return was epic, and a short list for play of the decade.


12/29/07 – Texas A&M W 24-17:  The Morelli era gets pretty badly skimmed over here, it just wasn’t that memorable.  However, I had my coat in my hand, and our group was headed to the strip club when Morelli completed that pass to Deon Butler.  Fun win, and San Antonio is a great town.


10/18/08 – Michigan W 46-17:  A very strange weekend for a lot of reasons.  But I scored face value tickets for this game from a fellow BSD’er that doesn’t post much anymore.  Anyway, thanks for the ticket, and I had a great time.  Also, I was able to cross drinking beer out of a plastic duck off of the list of things I’d never done.


11/8/09 – Iowa L 23-24:  I broke my Television.  Threw a boot right through it.  Daryll Clark is getting the bill in a few months.


1/1/09 – USC L 24-38:  It could have been worse.


9/26/09 – Iowa L 10-21:  It rained all day, and I knew it was coming.  It still sucked.


10/24/09 – Michigan W 35-10:  Beating Michigan is fun.  This was no exception, best game of the year so far.


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