Just Stop It

Things have officially swung too far the other way, and it's kind of depressing. It used to be fisking was fun, but now with so many people quite literally begging for the attention and links, what's the point?

If you're interested you can watch a really long, loud commercial here.

And then see the 15 seconds of desperate attention grabbing afterwards.

If you don't want to watch, it goes like this: The worst non-BCS bowl game is, according to an expert from Rivals, none other than the Penn State-LSU Citrus Bowl.  It's not Southern Methodist vs Nevada, not Iowa State vs Minnesota, but the one with the biggest payout that matches up higher ranked teams than any other available for selection.

Why? Because it's going to have "good defensive, hard-nose football," which is just awful, apparently.

And there are lies of course, things like "all season long both teams have really labored to score," which is apparently what it's called to finish second* in the Big Ten in, uh, scoring, and 19th amongst BCS schools in yards per game.

(*Behind only Wisconsin, who didn't have to play Penn State's defense, and who somehow played an easier set of OOC opponents than Penn State.)

What's probably most outrageous, and ends any believable argument that this guy is serious, is the idea that Joe Paterno, a bowl legend, and Les Miles, who hasn't lost a bowl game at LSU, don't drive a compelling story...or that the brand name of the schools alone isn't enough to make this watchable.

Because no one is even going to notices let alone care about--oh wait:


via nittanywhiteout.com

I think I'm supposed to be outraged by all of this. "WTF IS HE THINKING?!?" ect. But how can anyone even take this guy seriously?

Ridiculously under-thought "expert analysis" used to simply pass as truth, and that's how FJM and its less wide-reaching decedents starting do what they did (to some extent, I consider myself par to this crop).

But now fisking is such a big business, pageviews so clearly the #1 priority, that people are no longer doing this because they are arrogant, but because they really need the attention.

Jason King is an idiot, and the "work" he's doing is actually making people dumber, but there actually seem to be more of the Gregg Doyels around now than before FJM became a staple.

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