You're Never Too Old to be a Little Brother...

I'm sure there are some on this board who will roll their eyes at the following subject matter, and I can't say I blame them.  But it's the offseason, and I'm bored.  So the following are some "interesting" and recent tidbits about everyone's favorite Big East titan.

-I was perusing the interwebs earlier, and came across this interesting take about JoePa's B10 expansion ideas (

"The desire by Paterno for a Eastern member in the Big 11 is simply about the geographic isolation of Penn State. It is, as usual, self-serving for Paterno and Penn State. It is not about the Big 11 or any desire to reach out to the other 3 programs mentioned. It is not about helping the Big 11 and their big gap between the end of the season and bowl season."

I mean, wow!  Talk about your sour grapes!  We get it,'re Pennsylvania's JV football program.  You lost 3-0 against an Oregon State team missing two of their best players, and haven't had a 10-win season in 25 years.  So you feel the need to lash out and take shots about PSU "always being self-serving."  Last I checked, we weren't the ones making fans buy 3-game ticket packages because we can't sell tickets any other way.  Our 2 for 1 offer is no worse than what you offered us back when we weren't a top program.  Any one of those programs should count their lucky stars JoePa mentions them for inclusion at the grown-up table.

You would think that the discrepancy in the recent levels of success would lead to more of a Wes Mantooth towards Ron Burgundy point of view ("From deep down in my stomach, with every inch of me, I pure, straight hate you. But goddammit, do I respect you!"), but oh well...their throats must be stuck, choking on all that pride.


-If you can't build a wall, morph into a giant who controls weather patterns (from Wanny's twitter).  No additional words are needed:


-Guess we're not the only ones in trouble with the law.  I don't post this to hurl stones, despite all the crap we took from Pitt fans (and, well, the rest of the country) when we had some legal issues.  I post it more because I wonder, where's the offense coming from?  Their entire offense was drafted in the 2nd round, and he's playing Sundays now.  Good luck this year, Pitters.


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