Big Ten Preview

over on tWWL of sports they had a chat going over all the BCS conferences. Adam Rittenberg was answering the questions about the big ten. if you want to check the whole thing out here is a link 

Here are some of the ones talking about Penn State:


Adam Rittenberg: By the way, Joe Paterno is over sitting at the hotel bar by himself


joe (chicago): whats joepa drinking?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: I don't want to speculate on that. It's something red. It could be a bloody mary, but I don't want to speculate.

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: He'd never be able to have a drink alone if he were in Pennsylvania.

Fernando (Mart, TX): Love the blog. Coming out of spring, who are the major Heisman contenders from the Big 10? And is it already Tebow's to lose, before the season even starts?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: It is for sure Tebow's to lose. I think the Heisman has become a QBs award and the Big Ten's problem is that they haven't had a lot of good QBs lately. Darryl Clark from PSU might have a chance, but their schedule is so soft that it will be hard for him to get the recognition early enough to be a good candidate.

Scott (DC): Do you think the decisive game for the Big Ten Championship will be OSU-PSU?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: Definitely going in, that's the way it looks. I think things could change with the Iowa, PSU game earlier, but right now, that looks like the game of the year.

Rick (Howell, MI): How can Penn State NOT be everyone's preseason Big Ten champ pick? Isn't it yours? So they lose some receivers...they were good but not great. Daryll will get the ball to the new ones just fine...GO PENN STATE!

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: That's very confident. I like to hear it. I think the bigger issue will be the secondary and the offensive line losing three starters. But PSU has a lot of star players and a very favorable schedule.

John, Michigan: Who are your top three favorites to win? And who is this years Dark horse?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: My top three are definitely OSU, PSU and Iowa. My dark horse would be Michigan State. I like the way the schedule sets up for them. Illinois is a potential dark horse, but they were so disappointing last year that it's hard to put them in that category.

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