Half-assed Big Ten preview, part 4: Michigan

Right, so I'm bored and I've got nothing better to do, so I figured I'd try and preview the ten other Big Televen teams after doing as little research as possible. The point is to see if I my totally half-assed predictions are better than the crap you get from "experts". This will not be correct, and it won't be funny either. Done in alphabetical order, of course.

As part of my attempt to fill in the "Recent FanPosts" with my posts only.

THE STORY:  I'm not sure what to say other than "DickRod lol!"






Rich Rodriguez, 2nd year, 108-70-2 all time, (say it with me!) 3-9 (yay!) at Michigan.

P.S. Greg Robinson.


Will be the strength of the team, and better than last year. In other news, the sun will set this evening.

Everyone important returns except for Steven Threet who transferred away.

Greg Paulus will not be there however. Sad face :(


The starter will either be true freshman Tate "zOMG SUPASTAR" Forcier, former walk on Nick Sheridan, who was really bad last year, or the stray cat Rodriguez found by the side of a road.

RichRod, I knew Pat White. Nick Sheridan and Tate Forcier are no Pat White.


The capable Brandon Minor returns. Uber-recruit Sam McGuffie left for Rice.

Hey, it still can't be any worse than last year.


Michigan returns all starters from last year. So, um, the line can't be worse, I guess. This is all I know.


Kevin Koger returns. I don't know if he's good or not, I wasn't paying attention.


Martavious Odoms, Greg Mathews, and Daryl Stonum are all back along with whatever recruits Rodriguez brought in.


They were fairly crappy last year when they were supposed to be the unit that kept Michigan's bowl streak alive. Now they have a bunch of holes to fill. I'm assuming here that they'll be running some form of 4-3 instead of a 3-3-5 since that's what Greg Robinson (snicker) usually runs.


They lose three starters from last year. Brandon Graham at DE is the only returnee. He had 10 sacks last year or something.


Obi Ezeh is the only guy back. Like the d-line, this is a unit that looks to be average to bad.

P.S. Greg Robinson.


I have no clue how many starters from this year were starters last year.

Actually, I just don't care.

However, I project that this unit will be average at best.


9/5 Western Michigan (Win)

9/12 Notre Dame (Tossup)

9/19 Eastern Michigan (Win)

9/26 Indiana (Win)

10/3 at Michigan State (Tossup)

10/10 at Iowa (Probable loss)

10/17 Delaware State (Win)

10/24 Penn State (Probable loss)

10/31 at Illinois (Tossup)

11/7 Purdue (Probable win)

11/14 at Wisconsin (Probable loss)

11/21 Ohio State (Loss)


Forcier plays well, the o-line and running game are very good, the receivers are good. The defense is average. (For a defense coached by Greg Robinson!

4-0 in OOC play, losses in Big Ten play to Iowa, Penn State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State. 8-4.


The quarterbacks are awful, the o-line doesn't improve, Minor is still very good, but the receivers are average.

3-1 in OOC play, losses in Big Ten play to Michigan State, Iowa, Penn State, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio State. 5-7.


The quarterbacks are not that good. The o-line is good, the running game is solid, and the receivers are good enough for RichRod's spread's hitches and other short routes.

The defense is a combination of average and bad.

4-0 in OOC play, losses in-conference to Michigan State, Iowa, Penn State, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio State. 6-6.

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