"Joe Paterno, selfish old man"

In a way, I feel that I maybe shouldn't be even responding to this, but we've got nothing better to do.

It's the off-season. So get yourselves ready for hundreds of articles like this.

(Huge h/t: psuhiman80)

(EDIT: I'm posting the link, BUT DO NOT CLICK IT. NO TRAFFIC FOR HIM! Full article is posted in the comments)


[Link changed to the size of Doyel's brain. And nofollow'd to boot. -KHD]

Old isn't an insult, by the way. It's an adjective. If he were 35, I'd have titled this thing, "Joe Paterno, selfish young man."

I mean, this is just, so,.... I can't even find words to describe my reaction to this. I just.. wha?

So, basically, you just threw in "old" because you wanted to take a pot shot at Paterno. Okay, that's about typical for hacks like yourself. Now go ahead and write "JOE PA EATS BRAINS LOL".

Like the order matters. What matters is this: Those three schools already have a home -- the Big East. But Paterno doesn't care about that. He's lobbying for his BCS league to grow, at the expense of another BCS league.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

We've been through this before, when the ACC knocked down fences and screwed up yards with its tractor by taking from the Big East for its big expansion. That was ugly. The ACC was selfish.

Selfish! Selfish! Selfish! Say it enough times and it comes out "Shellfish!"

Your article is as observant and hard-hitting as me.

And now Paterno wants the Big Ten to be selfish, at the expense -- and possibly the death -- of the Big East.

Somebody call the Wahhhmbulance!

Classy, JoePa. Hey, wait. Is that a siren? Was another of your players just arrested?

There's no point to this article anymore, is there? Did you go to Pitt?

Anyway ...

Please continue on with your horseshit!

Obviously the Big East is on shaky ground. No one's saying that league is in solid shape. It's waiting for a hyena to come pick at its struggling body, and Paterno is sharpening his greedy little teeth.

Wait a minute. "It's waiting"? So, it wants us to pluck one of their members? Okay, sounds good. They'll pick up Navy. They'll make do. They might lose their auto bid to the Mountain West if that conference adds Boise, but that might have happened anyway.


Survival of the fittest, beeotch.

Retire already.

In the words of Joseph Vincent Paterno, you first.

Now get out of here and take your struggle bus with you.


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