You found us!

Planning on making this a kinda somewhat feature, at least for the long, bitter off-season.

Ladies and gentlemen, the recent visitors to BSD by search words! (All of these searches from within the last few hours!)

"dirty sanchez"


"naked penn state"

Perhaps you were looking for that bit about that streaker and her "vaginal acrobatics"?

"bobby bowden son of a bitch"

Totally agree!

"penn state volley womens roster rotation"

Uh huh. Pretend like you're interested in the actual game. Wink wink.

"sexy softball girls"

Haven't seen any. We're a fencing school.


"No fanposts were found" that match your criteria. :(

"softball girls naked"

Don't make Buggy link to that "Shit the bed" picture, you perv.

"beaver shaving"

49-14, brother!

"milfs like it big"

We discuss this here often.

"cute puppies"




"if bras were invented by men"

They would be made out of....




"cute college wrestlers"

Cael is angry and fierce and likes money, not "cute".

"gay star trek"

Yeah, sorry, I told you people I could derail any thread.

"brad pitt abs"


"ron zook funny"

the sun rises everyday

"giving the finger and bikini"

Hillarious, the referring URL was that picture of the bacon bikini. Ladies and gentlemen, Black Shoe Diaries.

"osu sexy"

"hot softball girls"

WE DON'T HAVE ANY! And why softball in particular?


Of course.

"hot lawyer girls"

I haven't seen any.

"michigan sucks funny pictures"



"pitt penn satet rivalry"

Never heard of it, but I'm sure it's a great series.

"coastal carolina logo testicles"


"rainbows not as gay as you might think"

No, but you know what is gay? Turkey bacon. "Bawk bawk! I'm a sissy boy who eats turkey bacon and likes to wear my mommy's underwear!"

"what was bear bryant's response...en asked why he left texas a&m"

what was yur parent response....en they found out u didnt know to phrase google search

"neil diamond"

I blame Guido.

"lisa salters hot"

madeline albright hot

"girls in tight shorts"

National champions two years in a row, baby!

"miami university girl naked"

But, you don't want one from the one in Florida?

"third nipple"

No thank you.

"how come penn state don't have names on their jerseys"

Um, Deon, you mind taking this one?

Thanks, bud.


This feature gets old fast, because about 65 % of the searches are simple "milf" searches. 

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