Gimme Pitt-iful Tears and a Siren


Penn State landed a major commitment tonight from Miles Dieffenbach of Pittsburgh, PA. The 6-4 277 lb prospect gave his verbal commitment to Penn State while on a visit with his family.

What could be better than getting a verbal from a four-star center prospect to add to this already stellar class? Stealing that recruit from Pitt.

"I wasn't really holding out for it. I mean, I grew up a Pitt fan all my life and always hated Penn State, so when they offered me, I wasn't really that into it," said Dieffenbach. "But then I visited and it was different from what I thought. I loved it, and the tables turned."

Oh what a glorious day. Dieffenbach has been largely considered a Pitt lock for weeks. He lives right in their back yard, he grew up a Pitt fan, and his dad works for Pitt as a tennis coach. Then he gets a Penn State offer and BOOM he commits. I love this quote.

"You can't deny that they were the Big Ten champions; that stands out a lot."

You know what else you can't deny?

Pitt Sucks!

Do yourself a favor and go watch the Pitt meltdown.

Pathetic  I wonder if there are some major problems in the program that we are not privy to.

Gee, ya think?

i don't hope he does well.  you don't disrepect your dad and his job of decades like that.  messed up.  i would've never done that to my dad (go to his biggest rival) and neither would 99% of the world.  go to any other school except there.  how does coach D let this happen?  really not a cool thing to do.
i think it's a d*** move by the kid.  you don't send your pops into work, where he graduated, and have him answer a million questions for the next 4 years+ about why he let his kid go to the rival school.  i hate psu.  that's easily 1/3 of what makes a good pitt fan, despite what smilin' steve says.  eff them and i will in no way wish well to this kid.  i don't hope he gets injured but i certainly do hope psu loses every single game they play.  and that includes the day he joins the team, which apparently is today.  he defected from the corleone's to the solozzo family.

 Well, if Dieffenbach ever has second thoughts in the coming months, he should go back and read some of these comments.

Welcome to the good guys, Miles. We're glad to have you.


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