For Once, I Agree with Dodd

In most instances, I find the opinions of Dennis Dodd amusingly nauseating.  His hatred of the Big Ten and Joe Paterno, in particular, go beyond standard blog reporting to the level of personal vendetta.  However, in his most recent post (not going to link it - you can find it), he addresses the ridiculous homering of Lou Holtz for ND, shown below.


"Before the season continues, a rant about Notre Dame's elderly shill: The week's biggest game is quickly becoming Michigan-Notre Dame. The two winningest and, lately, wounded programs meet at the top of the tradition pyramid.

As mentioned, it's certainly worth considering the Irish being in the title hunt. For now. Maybe. After one impressive game against the second-place team in the WAC.

But we'll do it on our own terms and we'll take our time doing it. Hopefully, we'll do it without Lou Holtz.

He must be stopped. His cloying homerism goes beyond analysis. It's like that annoying neighbor who traps you into sitting down and showing you pictures of his vacation.

Each week.

Notre Dame is Lou's photo album. His act hasn't changed since he started doing magic tricks on the Johnny Carson show. It's Groundhog Day in a frumpy, bad suit.

He is part of the reason the Notre Dame haters hate so much. Most programs don't get their own wrinkled cheerleader on national television each week.

This is a not shot at the four-letter network. Sure, it can tend to pound a nail in your head when it wants to hijack a story. (What's his name, oh yeah, Brett Favre?) If it wasn't ESPN, Holtz would con some other network into televising his schtick.

This not a shot at Charlie Weis or ND. It's better for everyone, media included, when Notre Dame is good. The criticism here is that it has been a while since Lou moved the college football conversation forward. It's always about his vaudevillian act, not the game.

We watched him criticize Oregon and LeGarrette Blount over the past few days after his own career ended following a shameful brawl involving South Carolina. We watched him do an oral jig as ND beat Nevada. Fine, great.

We should be embarrassed to admit we watched him at all. Now let's add some perspective. Weis doesn't need your help to wake up the echoes. Leave Clausen alone. We don't need you to tell us the defense is getting better.

Out with you, Lou. Your time has passed."

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