Gameday Omens from Around the House

So, I'm not very good at reading tea leaves.  And in the first six hours of this much-anticipated gameday, every occurrence in my household has me thinking of the game tonight.  I'm just not sure how to interpret them, and am wondering if you'd be so kind as to help.


Since moving to the burbs, we've been delighted at the Window View swap we made trading in pissing bums in an alley for birds, deer and squirrels.  Earlier this spring, I saw my first ever wildlife kill, when I heard, then saw, a fox kill a squirrel (made my mom so happy to hear).  It was pretty awesome, and when an owl began visiting our trees, I kept hoping for a second witnessing (and hoping it wasn't one of our cats).  This morning, I popped into the office to see if BSD had any other late night visitors when wifey shouted out 'Oh, my god' (we're still working on her internet speak).  I ran over to the window where she pointed out a hawk on a very low branch with something in its talons.  We squinted in closer and saw it was a snake.  So, a hawk catching and killing a snake.  What to make of that?

Godzilla vs Mothra

The tots awoke at separate times, and we brought them in to our bed one at a time for a feed (football and breastfeeding: I just went there).  Afterward, we're trying to doze a bit and the lads wanted to play.  We each stood one up while we were lying prone and they went toward each other and started grabbing at the other one.  Above us like that they looked like giants and we joked about them being Godzilla and Mothra, and again I thought of Penn State battling Iowa.  What does it mean?

Cries and Smiles

Later, I was out sweeping the deck when a tot got all fussy and was crying and screaming, and wifey brought him in a bouncy chair to watch his daddy out the window.  I made some faces and some gestures, he settled down and brought out that most heartwarming of things: the baby smile.  Ear to ear grin, threw in some giggles, the picture of happiness.  I'm thinking this portends for tonight: some heartbreak and tears, followed by joy and satisfaction.  You?

Go Lions!  Beat Iowa!

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