Paul Jones/Kevin Newsome. Position change or transfer?

Alright, so we already know most of this story. Between our Scruffy Neckbeard and Poise in Cleats, our quarterback situation is pretty set for the next few years. This is something we have not had in Happy Valley for quite some time. 

This leaves the two quarterbacks that occupy the 3rd and 4th slots in the depth chart. Newsome and Jones. Both have shown talent in their own ways. However, with the quarterbacking locked in, those two may want to take their talents elsewhere. 


Newsome (True Soph):

Suffers from Morelli-like symptoms as a passer. Can't read a defense higher than a Pop-Warner level of complexity. Is rotting on the bench right now, not getting time as a quarterback or any other position. Still has 2 years of eligibility left. 

He is a big, fast kid at 6-2, 225 llbs. We have seen him run the football, and he is a bruiser, with surprisingly quick feet and good instincts. No doubt he could be a weapon somewhere on the field. Now the question is, would he move to a position like an H-back, linebacker, safety or even a rush-defensive end? The kid is a player and could fit pretty much anywhere. 

I don't really know much about him personally. He seems pretty intelligent. However, as younger players are filling the holes, I see him transferring to a FCS school. Newsome appears to be the consummate Penn Stater so I would hate to see him go.Thoughts or inside scoop?

Jones (RS Frosh):

Jones was the early favorite to win the job at QB after the spring game. This kid just has it. He's got the size, game intelligence and the confidence to be a high level starting quarterback. I think the only reason the kid didn't win the job is because Bolden has the talent to go top 10 down the road. Jones has a big arm with good touch. It was simply fun to watch him play in April. 

It simply made sense to RS Jones this year. It could give him a chance to develop and put some heat on the starters for the future. Jones is a big dude though. Like 6-4, 235lbs big. On the recruiting sites, his 40 was around 4.9-5.0. His fastest was a 4.88. Reports are that he is athletic, but not really blazing fast. Seems like a guy with pretty good game speed. With the depletion of our tight-ends, is it unreasonable to think he could slide in there? I have no idea how his hands are, but if we have a former tackle running routes out there, I think a 4.9 could cut it. Also, don't count out the possibility of D-end. Straight away speed is less important, as technique and the use of quick hands is paramount. Jones could easily bulk up to 250+ and play either position in my opinion. 

In terms of him staying or going, a position change is the only way he would stay. He is too good of QB to sit on the bench. However, he was adamant during his recruiting that PSU was his home. Even after he red-shirted, he said he had no intentions of leaving, as this was "his school". I don't know much stock to hold in that. I just have a feeling about Jones that he is a team player and will do whatever is asked of him. 


That is my analysis. It is something that has been kinda left in the dust of other PSU football news. If anyone has anymore inside scoop or insight, please let us all know. 



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