WHO YA GOT: Coaches vs. Fans

Easy enough, right? Forget this "quarterback controversy" crap, it's time we settle the real question. Who knows more? PSU football coaches or PSU football fans? Let us first look at the candidates. 



These coaches obviously include Joe Paterno, Ron Vanderlinden, Rip Engle, Galen Hall, Tom Bradley, and Larry Johnson.

Joe Paterno:

Overall record: 399-132-3


Cons: NEPOTISM! Also, he hates Irish people. Why else would he start that one guy instead of McGloin? Not saying, just saying.

Number of games won against elite programs: None.

Quote: "Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger but it won't taste good. Also, back in the 60s I learned that if I were to beat an elite program my heart would explode from all of the excitement. Sorry about that."

Tom Bradley:

Overall record: 0-0


Cons: HAS NO HEAD COACHING EXPERIENCE. You think Nick Saban keeps an incompetent head coach or a coach with no head coaching experience around his staff? I think not!

Quote: "Heckuva job, the whole bit, works hard, good kid, the whole bit. If I were to beat an elite program, I would still suck because I'm so boring."

Everyone else (I'm lazy LIKE PENN STATE'S COACHING STAFF):

Rip Engle died years ago, Vandy's linebackers suck this year so he sucks, Larry Johnson recruits THUGS and can't parent (so I've heard), Galen Hall? Galen Hall?

Galen Hall is what really makes me mad. Galen Hall coached at Florida - an elite program. And yet we aren't en elite program. Why aren't we an elite program? Look at Illinois. Ron Zook coached at Florida. Now he's at Illinois and they're already on the road to respectability. We aren't en elite program because we have standards that encourage apathy and poor football. Galen Hall is probably a shell of himself thanks to Joe Paterno.




Pros: Has beaten several elite programs on NCAA 10. He was playing AT THE SWAMP yesterday and he totally won!

Cons: Has to stop typing at some point to eat and use the toilet. Showering is also an occasional issue.

Quote: "You totally ratted me out to the mods when we were playing Splinter Cell yesterday! UNACCEPTABLE!"

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