In which I continue BSD's "obsession" with Terrelle Pryor and Ohio State

(Inspired by Adam Jacobi and ESPN)

Why what we did was wrong and why we are sorry and why go Bucks in the Sugar Bowl - A joint narrative essay for the English class professor man at the university by Dan Herron, DeVier Posey, and Terrelle Pryor.

The Sugar Bowl is important. Lots of things have happened in the Sugar Bowl. Alabama stopped Penn State. Penn State beat Georgia. Notre Dame won some games. The Ohio State lost to Florida State one year before we can remember stuff. Lots of other important things have happened there.

In 2005, fat people ntercourse in the bathrooms because they were bored and a bad storm was there also.

Now in 2010, The Ohio State is preparing for play at the Sugar Bowl. The Ohio State is excited for the excitement and also the excitement of playing the Arkansas Razorbacks from the conference in the Sugar Bowl at New Orleans in the swamp place that is called a bayou by people. Arkansas is also in the South.

People like you.

People like you.

I am DeVier Posey. I have to write this essay because Dan Herron is too busy Boom Boom and if I ask Terrelle Pryor to write he just says "My name is T-Peezy. Come on, DeVier."

I will write this.

People like you are depressed because me, Boom, and Terrelle made lots of mistakes. Lots of mistakes happened. People were depressed by the mistakes that happened.

We think this is bad. Not good. Bad.

Also, bad.

We are also depressed.

When Coach Tressel found out what we had done, he called The Ohio State old man John Cooper to speak about us to us with us. John Cooper told us what we had done was bringing lots of bad feelings about The Ohio State to the surface and that made me laugh because I saw a movie with submarines and they went to the surface and made a big splash and then I thought of Cameron Heyward last summer when he fell into a pool and everyone laughed because he made a big splash. John Cooper told us that we had to be better because The Ohio State was counting on us to win lots of football games and study some if we had time for study. We said we were sorry. But that was not good enough for anyone. We had to be more sorry. That is why I am writing this. I do not know who John Cooper is.

When I was a baby, people complimented my mother. They said I would play lots of football because I was already strong enough to bench press a small dog.

I liked that dog.

As I think about that dog I realize that I am shamed by the actions we have done. Those actions are bad. Those actions would not make that dog happy.

If we cannot make dogs happy then we are not happy and you are not happy and The Ohio State no longer wins the football game.

And that makes no one happy.

Also, we are very sorry.

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