In Which PSUJunny Tries Social Experimentation: Part Two - The Lane Kiffin Effect

Partly inspired by fugi's recent article, and partly inspired by some recent 247 posts, I thought I would try social experimentation again, seeing as how last time we had some good discussions.

This time I want to talk about head coaches and how you would feel in a certain situation. Before we begin, let me preface the experiment by saying two things: 1) this is NOT a "Who should replace Joe" post/experiment, and 2) this is NOT a commentary on the recent coaching changes. This post is merely to see how PSU fans would react.

The Assumptions

Bradley and Golden are being thrown around as potential candidates for HC positions elsewhere, in addition to PSU. For this experiment, we're going to focus solely on Golden, but you can substitute Bradley and Pitt for Golden and Miami.

Al Golden is rumored to be in the mix for the Miami HC job. However, there is speculation that 1) he is waiting for Joe to retire and hopefully get the call, and/or 2) that the Miami position, if taken, would be a stepping stone to the PSU job. Point 2 is where the experiment (and the title of the post) come into play.

Lane Kiffin took the Tennessee job and one year later left for USC. Heading west was, by all accounts, Kiffin's dream job. However, he made all sorts of promises while in Rocky Top and generally spoke in terms of being there for awhile.

Once Kiffin left (in the dead of night), people everywhere were outraged, and not just Tennessee fans.

The Experiment

Thus, would you, PSU fan, feel any sort of ill will towards Golden if he were to accept the Miami job only to then accept the PSU job a year later (assuming Joe coaches in 2011 and then retires at the end of his contract)?Many people like Golden and think he would make a good HC, but I'm curious to see if you would feel any sort of Kiffin-esque feelings toward Golden if it was your team that did the poaching. I didn't spend much time with USC fans or at Conquest Chronicles during the Kiffin debacle, so I'm not sure how that played out.

Or, would he essentially be removing himself from the PSU job by taking the Miami HC job? If he takes the Miami spot, even if it is with the intention to jump ship if PSU comes a-callin', does that drop his stock in the eyes of the ultimate decision maker?


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