Ed DeChellis Haters, JUST SHUT UP

Ed DeChellis should not be fired.  It would embarass him, and that would be bad. Beyond Ed, his family, and the other coaches, there just aren't enough other people who really care about changing the PSU men's basketball coaching staff to matter.  So, malcontents, please go away.

First, I would like to start by recognizing that there are probably a few PSU basketball fans.  I.'d guess the number to be about 1,500 or so, if you consider that the count should include only those people who regularly attend games,who are not PSU students. These people all have their own good reasons for attendance. For example, if you've got kids, its a great place to get a cheap seat, and see the Nittany Lion, a Band, and the Cheerleaders. There have been, from time to time, outbursts of competitive basketball which seems to draw a crowd every blue moon or so.  But, over the years, there really is not a large group of malcontents making a lot of noise because PSU men's basketball transcends mere "terrible'. God Bless Them, the fans, team, coaches, band, cheerleaders, et al.   

The rest of the world simply does not care about PSU men's basketball.  That's the way it is, and it is OK.

The Trustee's don't care.  They are busy trying to figure out where to make up the billions lost in the endownments that lost money last decade.

The Administration doesn't care.  The last action they took was to try to fire JoePa!

The Athletic Depatrment doesn't care. They have a profitable basketball program. What do you want Tim Curley to do? Start paying a coaching staff $3,000,000 when JoePa was making $500,000 two years ago?

I've got an autographed basketball, signed at least 20 years ago, by the entire PSU basketball coaching staff.  The signatures are Bruce Parkhill, Gerry Dunn, and Ed DeChellis.

PSU coaches, by and large, are 'tenured' if they do not violate any basic university principles.  This is good for football and women's volleyball, and is what it is for PSU basketball.

If you want to complain about something, complain about the Pirates.

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