Does anyone here live in New Jersey?

I know we've already covered this stuff a thousand times, but why not do it again? It's really boring in March.

Here's an article by Teddy Greenstein:,0,4339535.story

The consensus among Big Ten sources, officials from other conferences and TV executives is that Rutgers offers the best package. Missouri is second and Pittsburgh third.

Obviously these sources are unnamed!

Fans wonder: Does New York care about Rutgers? The simplest answer: When Rutgers wins, yes.

I agree with Kyle McCann't on this one. "The ’06 game against Louisville was representative of the NYC market and overall interest in Rutgers. However, it was representative for all the reasons the Big Ten should stay away from RU like the poison turd it is; Rutgers was a story that year because they had always been awful. It was new. It was novel. It was short-lived."

Greenstein also lists some helpful items in favor of Rutgers:

Newark Liberty International Airport is 23 miles from New Brunswick, making Rutgers more accessible than many Big Ten campuses.

Really? Minneapolis, Columbus, Ann Arbor, East Lansing, Evanston, and Madison are all within distance of regional airports. And the other schools all have runways capable of handling private jets. Is Michigan flying around in a B-52 now?

Rutgers calls itself "The Birthplace of College Football." It beat Princeton in what must have been a thrilling contest in 1869. Final score: 6-4.

Toht. Face. Melt. Picture.

This article was linked by StoopsMyAss @ BHGP, and there was a short discussion between he, Kyle McCann't, and myself.

Here was SMA's main post on the subject:

the reason Rutgers has never been where it needs to be is their faculty. For years they thought Rutgers was going to become an Ivy League school, they they thought they were going to become NYU. Now they are getting the religion as the money is starting to come in on the sports.

Boise…was a JC. 20 years ago. Look forward gentlemen. Florida, was the Indiana of the SEC 30 years ago. Look forward gentlemen.

Oh, and I thought for the longest time Syracuse was the answer too. I am off them. Not because of Boeheim, he is going to be gone in five years anyway. But because they just are not nestled in close enough to the emerging sports landscape in NYC. You guys need to read about what is happening in NJ … they have a dedicated train station from NYC to the Meadowlands now. The Jets/Giants want big college games at that stadium. Rutgers would play half their games there and half in Piscattaway. The basketball team will change overnight after they complete their new basketball arena from a lowly dumpy 8,000 seater to a CHA [Carver-Hawkeye Arena] type arena. What Vivian Stringer did will be what Rutgers mens b-ball will do. They will get a major stud to come in and just snag every NJ star and then overnight they will be a final four team.

So, refer back to the title of this post. Is there anyone here who has any kind of perspective on the Rutgers program (or should I say "situation"?)?

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