Generational Drives in Recent Penn State History

My love for Penn State was the culmination of family tradition.  A second family tradition is being opinionated. 

My father and I were discussing the finer points of the Penn State Tradition.  The topic of choice was  "the drive".  I mentioned I saw an awesome clip of "the drive" the other day and he shot back with which drive do you mean?   My response was filled with pure puzzlement.  " The 94 Illinois game...there is not another drive like that."

 He provided the look a father can only give when a child speaks some fact that is clearly wrong.  His response was "That's not the drive. The 82  Nebraska game was the drive.  I should know....I was there."  This then prompted him to relay the story of the game and how the night before my mother was mad because he was out at the union hall discussing important union business with his fellow brothers eg drinking while she was at hone with yours truly.  It did not help that it was the night that George Banks was on the prowl committing one of the most infamous episodes of crime in Pennsylvania history.

 This prompted me to ponder the question:  Is there really a drive or is there just drives that each generation elevates to this mantle.   I will propose below  three drives for the past three generations.    I am curious to see the results of the poll below due to the recent discussions of rivals and divisional alignment.  Also, this is fitting since Nebraska and Ohio State do play a role in the current discussion and these historical sequences.

Stonehands to the Rescue:

Cool Retro Video Here 

Better Description Then Mine

 The PSU/Nebraska contest was a game with national implications.  The winner would go on to be National Champion provided they won out and  were victors in their bowl games.  PSU found itself behind late in the game.  PSU had to drive 65 yards in less then 2 minutes and Todd Blackledge delivered.  Granted there was a slightly controversial call (really bad call if you are a Nebraska fan)  but it was not the final play of the game.  Kirk Bowman caught a dart in the end zone to continue Penn State' s drive for it's first National Championship.

"The Drive" (I am Biased):

Classic Call of the Drive

The PSU/Illini contest proved to be an unlikely story of heroics.  The storied PSU offense was stonewalled by a scrappy Illini defense that allowed their offense to capitalize on Lion miscues.  State was behind 21-0.

 However, the offense kicked into high gear.   Kerry Collins played the game of his life and engineered a 96 yard drive with less then 6 minutes left.  PSU would go on to be undefeated and uncrowned that year.  The fickle football Zugs felt this was not the year for PSU to be crowned and gave it to some other school.

The Fumble Heard Around The World:

One of the Best Penn State Football Story Intros Ever

Nice Breakdown of the Play

It was a chilly night the Nittany Lions rolled into the Shoe.  A stadium that has not smiled kindly on Penn State.  It was a defensive see saw match between the two juggernauts.  It looked as if OSU was going to put the game away until  a certain quarterback rolled  out of the pocket to gain a few more yards in a crucial first down attempt.  Suddenly, Mark Rubbin jars the ball loose.  PSU recovers after a mad dash  for the ball. 

PSU would go on to win the Big Ten that year, 

Please vote below.  Is history subjective due to age?

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