Watching Penn State football games with BSD 101: General guidlines on commenting for newbies

It’s been a while since I posted a Fanpost, so I figured I’d pass down some wisdom for those who are going to spend their first football season commenting on BSD's game threads.

(And by the way, can you smell the autumn leaves and grilled meats yet?  I can.  And I live in LA!)

Some fast rules to live by so there’s no confusion. 

In no particular order:

1)    Knowledge of the Franco-Prussian War, American Civil War, and World War II is a MUST! 

2)    If you want to post a photo in your comments, open a account.  It provides a URL address which makes things easier.

3)    Fugimaster likes Selena Gomez.  It’s accepted here.  Don’t bother calling the authorities.

4)    His name is ReadingRambler.  He is everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.  He is also an Iowa fan.  Take him seriously at your own risk.  He only comments AFTER a big game.

5)    No cussing!

6)    If the opponent scores first, DO NOT FREAK OUT!  There’s 60 minutes in a game.

7)    When you “rec” or “+1”  a comment, be sure to actually “rec” it in the “actions” tab.  We like the color green.

8)    No politics!

9)    If you’re watching the game while commenting on BSD, most likely you’re alone and you have a longing for companionship.  KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

10)     Trolls are usually banned so get in your digs on them as fast as you can.

11)     Sometimes, posting a comment is delayed, so the thread that you see on YOUR computer may not be in the same order on someone else’s computer.

12)     Flirt with BSDivas.  They like the attention ;-)

13)     “JoePa must retire!” rhetoric is not condoned.

14)     We like bacon.

15)     Do NOT spam! 

16)     If you spot a spam, be sure to comment, “I tried it and it sucked”, followed by a one-liner on said product.  You WILL be judged by your wit.

17)     DO NOT ask for a thread jump.  BSD editors have it covered ahead of time (or they should, anyway).

18)     Graham Zug is God.  You will be required to bask in his glory.

19)     QB#14 is a reference to ex PSU QB Anthony Morelli

20)     The argument for former PSU QB Pat Devlin has been beaten beyond death.  Don’t bother bringing it up.

21)     Beware the White Dog.

22)     Photoshop till your hearts contend.

23)     Iowa fans are welcomed here.  Other fans, not-so-much.

24)     Skins4ever refers to a weeny teenager who posted here once.

25)     Yes, ESPN (tWWL) sucks.  Their commentators suck.  They get things wrong all the time and it sucks.  They keep referring to JoePa’s age which sucks.  They just suck.  I have trouble containing my outrage at them which sucks. 

That’s all I got so far.  Veterans care to add anything?

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