Captain Obvious

So this is going to be very embarrasing if I'm wrong, but Penn State, to my knowledge, has not named its captains for this fall.  And I got to thinking, are there any obvious choices out there?  We have talked about the possible lack of leadership, and my difficulty in naming them was emblematic of that.  A rundown:



Wiz- the obvious choice?  Team veteran, guy who strikes you as the grab-you-by-the-facemask type.  Can you have an guard as a captain?  Have we ever?  If you made me guess, this would be my choice.


Royster- the crutch.  The player we will probably lean on in close games.  He has been around the program and knows what it takes to win.  But, he has never had a huge number of carries.  Can your captain be a guy who is off the field so often and spelled by Green?  Is he even vocal enough to begin with?  His selection would not surprise me.


Zug- the overlord.  Word is he is showing the young WR how it is done as a PSU player and WR.  Do you risk choosing someone else and having him strike you down where you stand?  Like Royster, I wouldn't be too surprised.


Suhey- the darkhorse.  Like his ancestors before him, he knows how to play PSU football.  I would poop my pants if it were him.



Astorino- JoePa2no.  A veteran and an Italian.  His picture got J'tot aroused, or something like that.  I like his chances.  


Gbadyu- The story.  Everyone is inspired by Gbadyu's story and what he overcame.  But can you choose him when he could lose his job to Hodges?  The LBs are a tough choice given all the great players who could take jobs.


Colasanti- father time.  Everyone has been waiting for Colasanti to take over a starting job for years.  Has he finally done it?  Can he stay on the field?  If so, he has to be a natural choice as the middle 'backer.  Again, it is tough to choose a player that could lose his job. 


Ogbu- the there-is-no-name-on-his-jersey- a solid cog in the defense, but you don't hear his name too often.  He just goes to work, eats blocks, and gets in the backfield here and there.  Can't ever remember hearing a DT being a captain.  I don't think he's in great shape.


Crawford- the I-want-to-live choice.  Would you tell him he couldn't be captain.  A playmaker, and he could tell you what to do in his accent.  You would be too scared/amused not to comply.  Like DT, I don't recall any DE captains in the past. 


Gun to my head, I like the trio of Royster, Wiz, and Astorino.  You know Wiz will be on the field, and Royster will lead by example on offense.  Astorino is up to the job and an every down player and playmaker.  Health is a concern, but I roll the dice.


Who do you think are this season's captains.

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