Fan's Proposal for Big 10 Divisions

I've read articles that the Big 10 may split up Michigan and OSU
when the Big 10 goes to 12 members?  This is ridiculous!  Here is my

Big 10 East - PSU, OSU, MSU, MICH, PURD, IND
Big 10 West - NEB, WISC, IOWA, ILL, NW, MINN

Each team plays the 5 other teams in its division plus 3 of the teams in the
other division for a total of 8 games (same as now).  The next year each team plays
the remaining 3 teams in the other division.  This insures there will only
be a 1 year gap between facing an opponent.  Under the current system, teams
are rotated out two years at a time.

Each team gets 1 rival in its division which it plays in the last game of
the season.  This will preserve OSU v. MICH, MSU v. PSU, IOWA v. MN, and IND
v. PURDUE as the last games.  I can't tell if WIS, NW, or ILL have any
consitency to their last game of the season.  Why not let NEB and WIS play
last?  That could be a great addition to these season ending games in the
Big 10!

Finally, my proposal keeps 11 of the 14 trophy games intact!  How can they
do any better?!
Here are the current trophy games:

  a.. Illinois-Northwestern (Sweet Sioux Tomahawk/Land of Lincoln Trophy)
  b.. Illinois-Ohio State (Illibuck)
  c.. Illinois-Purdue (Purdue Cannon)
  d.. Indiana-Purdue (Old Oaken Bucket)
  e.. Indiana-Michigan State (Old Brass Spittoon)
  f.. Iowa-Minnesota (Floyd of Rosedale)
  g.. Iowa-Wisconsin (Heartland Trophy)
  h.. Michigan-Michigan State (Paul Bunyan Trophy)
  i.. Michigan-Minnesota (Little Brown Jug)
  j.. Michigan-Ohio State (No Trophy, but Ohio State football players
receive a gold pants charm if they win the game)
  k.. Michigan State-Penn State (Land Grant Trophy)
  l.. Minnesota-Wisconsin (Slab of Bacon/Paul Bunyan's Axe)
  m.. Minnesota-Penn State (Governor's Victory Bell)
  n.. Ohio State-Penn State (No Trophy)

The only 3 that are not kept are ILL v. OSU, ILL v. PURD, and MN v. PSU.
There is some great history with Illibuck and the Purdue Cannon but you
can't tell me anyone cares about the Land Grant Trophy.  Anyways, under the
current system, Illinois rotates out OSU and Purdue from their schedule for
2 years at a time!  Under this system, there would only be a 1 year break.
I think it's much more important for Illinois to preserve the Tomahawk and
its rivalry with NW every year.

Some may complain the East vs. West divisions aren't balanced but the
reality is that OSU, PSU, NEB, WISC, and IOWA are the 5 best teams in the
Big 10 and they are split up.  Once MICH gets better it will be a 3 way
battle in the East every year.  Even if OSU runs the table, they still have
to face a tough opponent in the Championship Game against IOWA, WISC, or NEB
every year.

My rant is over! 

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