Nitt Links Just Wants To Play The Game

Well, yesterday was exciting wasn't it? Joe's first presser of the season, the news coming out of the Alabama camp about Mark Ingram's injury, and at the end of the day we know nothing more about the quarterback situation. Just another day on the job. I guess I should be glad to have so much to write about but it did seem that the news was never ending yesterday. Ironically with all of the news yesterday it did sort of limit the number of new and exciting stories out there. Don't worry though, the interwebs are full of a number of interesting things. Sadly, I can only share 25% of them with you here.

**Note** Everybody here at BSD knows how good Trent Richardson is, we just like to believe, lets all turn the meter down from 11 to somewhere around 5-6.**

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---Hot Topics---

The Big Ten Decision -

If you read one thing today read this.

Alabama lottery disappoints some - The Daily Collegian Online

All the people it disappointed didn't follow the rules. When it says don't show up before 5 that's what it means. The whole concept that people openly don't follow the rules and then whine when it doesn't go their way will always baffle me. It's not that hard to understand. That being said it still sucks to not get a ticket, but the lottery is the way to go.

Lake The Posts - Northwestern Football Blog: 2010 Preview - Game 9 - Penn State

These folks seem to think they've got a chance to pull off the shocker this year. Somebody will give Penn State a run for their money that shouldn't so Northwestern can have that job I suppose. I know there was a small faction last year that thought Penn State would have had their hands full if one Mike Kafka hadn't gotten hurt.

---Best Of The Rest---

Men's basketball schedule raises concern - The Daily Collegian Online

We've talked about the crappy schedule, and I imagine that  a lot of you won't even click this link. So consider this a dare.

State College, PA - UPDATED: Penn State Will 'Want To Consider All Possibilities For Honoring Paterno, Curley Says
Penn State has received numerous suggestions for how best to honor Joe Paterno, athletics Director Tim Curley reports. One idea: Rename the Beaver Stadium field for the coach.

FCS opponents like Youngstown State aren't going away even if Big Ten switches to 9-game schedule |
Hey, Penn State season ticket holders, dealt your Youngstown State tix yet? Or maybe it’s such a tough sell you’re just resigned to having to actually attend the game. Since FCS opponents began flooding the schedules of major FBS programs four years ago with the expansion to a 12-game slate, this has been the game where you dump your tickets...

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