Are you there, God? It's me, Mr. Rosewater.

Ok, so the last time I wrote you, God, was before last year's Michigan game.  I asked that Penn State beat the living #^&! out of Michigan.  The final score was 35-10.  And for that, I have one thing to say:

God bless you, God.

Now, maybe it was JoePa's coaching, maybe it was his staff, maybe the players stepped up big time during that game.  But I attribute it all to you.  Don't be modest: you hate the Wolverines as much as we do.  Why else would Michigan's economy suck so bad?  I mean, surely, auto factories have a God given right to move their rackets down to Mexico and over to China and Korea.  It's capitalism, just as you had intended.  Corporations are more important to our elected officials than individual voters.  The same voters who only care about jobs, money, health care, abortion, gay marriage, burning the Koran, yada yada yada...I KNOW, WHO CARES, RIGHT?  How is Goldman Sachs doing?  How can BP and AIG get back on their cloven hooves feet?  They're the ones keeping your beloved country afloat.


Big game this evening.  Us vs. Bama.

Look, I'm not asking for miracles or anything like that.  You can only do so much.  I mean if we KILL Bama, people will start to wonder about the existence of an Invisible Hand, thereby, the collective unconscious giving birth to the Creator Himself: You. 

Then wait...never mind.

So this is what I'm asking for the game: mind you: every possible scenario has been explored by bloggers and talkyakkers on BSD.  I, myself, cannot think of another outcome, even though technically outcomes are nearly limitless.

This is what I ask: surprise me.  Seriously.  Penn State started a freshman QB last week and I'm waiting for another wwhhhaaaaa....

I want something no one predicted.  Something good for Penn State.  A win would be good, obviously, but we all want something more.  Something more than an exciting game.  Something more than a win.

Winning huge or getting destroyed will not do.  Something, something, something...

Something that puts JoePa over the top, that would make the "Bear" cringe and overjoyed at the same time.

I know you got it in you, God.  You have an Ace up your sleeve.  USE IT @ Tuscaloosa.

Something like this....


or this...


ok, one more...


ok, fine...





and a what the hell...






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