Why I Still Love PSU and You Should Too.

I have been trying not to post as much this season. I am busy being an offensive coordinator with my high school team, and the weekly prep work is staggering. I also have a 2 year old son who is getting into football and he is the joy of my life, and when at home I try and make time for him first. But I still lurk here, I still read the posts and try and keep up on things up home. But following the Alabama game I have seen so much negativity about the Lions I felt I needed to post something about why I still love this team, even when we lose a game against a quality opponent. So here it is, why I still love the Lions and you should too.

  • I love this team because of the workman's attitude, they wear the basic blues, black shoes and it is about the team not the individual. This is one place where the name on the front is still more important than the name on the back. 
  • Because we have program to be proud about, we have always handled ourselves with class, even during the dark years. I hope our fan base can remember what those years where like because this is nothing like that time. 
  • Because our coaching staff is loyal to the program. They have all been at PSU for years. Some longer than others, but the program means something to them. They aren't there because of the high pay, or the flashy ESPN glam. They are there because they have bought in to the program. They believe in what it means to be a Penn Stater. 
  • Because we have a young offense with some exciting players. Bolden, Redd, Brown et all. The cupboard is not bare, the recruits are there and this team is growing as a football team. The coaching staff has been doing an excellent job recruiting. 
  • Because we have a legend as a coach who has always cared more about the integrity of his team than the trophies in the front of his building. Because this man has been with PSU for over 60 years and has made a lasting impact on the University. Because for 60 years he has been a beacon in the world of college football, showing us how things can be handled in a high stress job with class and respect. 
  • Because this might just be the last year for this coach, and I don't want to miss a thing. 

Don't forget why you love this team. Losses happen, it is a game, but don't lose who you are and what you care about over them. Stay positive and remember that these kids are trying their best to live up to the standards of PSU football. 

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