Ghosts of Recruit Signing Day Past - 2006

I've got to admit that I was chugging seriously amounts of the blue Kool-Aid when this class was signed.  We were fresh off the great run in '05, missing an undefeated season by Lloyd's two seconds, and loading up on a lot of 4 and 5 star talent.  I envisioned a run of several consecutive Big Ten titles.  Alas, the washout from this class became a tsunami.

Again, this ranking is based on their college performance compared with Scout's star ranking (in parenthis) for recruits.  Feel free to recommend revisions by making a case for or against a particular player rating. Here's where I rate them:

5 stars, These are the guys that would have started on any top 5 team in the country, Most are All-Americans or 1st team Big Ten.

Jared Odrick (4). Odrick dominated the line of scrimmage his junior and senior years, regularly blowing up double teams.

4 stars: Top level D1-A Ballers, A notch down from the 5 stars but if you filled your team with these guys you'd bring home the BCS-MNC, most of these made All Conference teams and some AA consideration.

Aaron Maybin (4), Navorro Bowman (4), Evan Royster (3) and Andrew Quarless (4). Maybin took advantage of Mo' Evans daliance with Mary Jane for one big season and cashed in at the expense of the Buffalo Bills.  Bowman avoided Joe's doghouse long enough to become another fine product of LBU and Quarless bookended his time in the doghouse with impressive freshman and senior seasons.  In case you hadn't heard, Royster was a heckuva LaCrosse player as well as the all time rushing leader at PSU.

3 stars: Quality D1-A starters

Maurice Evans (4), A.J. Wallace (4), Lou Eliades (4), Bani Gbadyu (3), Brett Brackett (3) and Ollie Ogbu (2). Mo and A.J. showed flashes of brilliances but just couldn't resist temptation.  Hopefully, Lou gets a shot at the next level, Bani and Ollie become the next Cameron Wake and Anthony Adams respectively and Brent Brett gets a great GA spot next year.

2 stars: Quality backups because you've got to have depth

Doug Klopacz (2) and Graham Zug (Walk on/ deity).  Both of these guys worked hard to earn starting time.

1 star: Depth Chart/practice squad fodder

Tom McEowen (4), Cedric Jeffries (3) and Brent Carter (3).  Never lived up to the projections.

Washouts: This may be a harsh tag for some due to injuries or other extenuating circumstances but a lot of them didn't have the work ethic to stick it out.

Antonio Logan-El (5), Chris Bell (5), Phillip Taylor (4), Pat Devlin (4), Travis McBride (3) and Abe Koroma (3). "Cause the dreams ain't broken down here now.  They're just walkin' with a limp" - T. Waits.  What could have been had these guys panned out?  ALE should have never left Maryland for Happy Valley.  Stabby's should have sharpened his receiving skills.  Phil Taylor should have saved his mean streak for when he stepped on the field.  Pat Devlin swapped one year as a starter in the Big Ten for two years at Delaware and a FCS title shot; he'll get to hear his name called in April.  And Abe should have known self medicating his injuries wasn't the way to go.  These guys had enough talent to fill a Gainesville holding cell.  Good luck fellas.

The class gave us 11 quality D1-A players out of 22 but could have been much, much better.  Got Kool-Aid?

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