Joe Paterno Denies Robert Bolden's Request For Transfer (Update: Bolden Comments)

TUSCALOOSA AL - SEPTEMBER 11: Quarterback Robert Bolden #1 of the Penn State Nittany Lions looks to pass against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium on September 11 2010 in Tuscaloosa Alabama. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Hold the phone, folks, Robert Bolden isn't going anywhere yet.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Ron Musselman is reporting that Joe Paterno today denied the freshman quarterback's release from his scholarship at Penn State after a meeting between the pair, Bolden's father and quarterback's coach Jay Paterno.

Musselman talked to Bolden's mother, Tonia Williams, who was quoted earlier today as saying she wanted Bolden to remain at Penn State.

"I don't know the reason why, they just said they wouldn't release him," Williams said from her home in suburban Detroit.

"I don't agree with it and Rob doesn't agree with it," Bolden's father said.

Asked what their next move would be, he said: "We're going to try and sort that out now."

Williams said she is happy her son was denied his release, but worries about his future at Penn State.

So it looks like this drama will carry on for a while. I'm a little fuzzy on transfer rules, but as I understand it, Bolden is effectively bound to Penn State by accepting his scholarship. If he still wants to leave, he can't accept a scholarship from another school or talk to other schools until he has a release, which he was just denied.

Before anyone starts celebrating, though, remember that we still don't know the circumstances of Paterno's denial of the release. Paterno may have just told him to take some more time to consider his options. A release could come down the road.

It could also build real animosity between the Boldens and the school/staff. If Bolden doesn't want to be at Penn State in the long term, it really doesn't do Penn State any good to have an unhappy player at a position as important at quarterback.

We'll just have to keep an eye on it for now. This thing is a real hot potato at the moment and trying to figure it out is probably going to be a fruitless endeavor for at least a couple weeks.

UPDATE: Cory Giger has comments from Bolden at the Altoona Mirror website. Check out the full comments here. For now, here are a couple of the more compelling excerpts.

What is your plan now? Are you coming back to PSU for school?: I'm not sure yet. If I can figure out a way to get out of there with the release or whatever before Monday, then I'll do that. But if not, then we'll see what happens.


Do you feel like the coaching staff lied to you in any way or do you feel like they were being honest with you?: I don't think they were being honest, I don't think they lied. I think they kind of like avoided the whole situation, with me talking to Jay week to week, trying to see what's up with me getting back on the field. He kind of told me the same thing that he told me today, so I've just been hearing the same stories for a while now.

Giger also talked to Mr. Bolden.

Q: How surprised are you by this?:

A: I completely expected a release. He could have told me over the phone. I could have stayed in Michigan. I didn't have to drive down here for that. There's nothing to talk about after that. No is no. I'm not looking to change his mind. If he's made his mind up that he's not going to release him, I didn't have to drive down for that.

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