Dr. Strangelove......or...How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the 2QB System.

Stanley Kubrick entertained us with General Jack D. Ripper drinking rainwater and starting World War Three in order to preserve our precious bodily fluids.  (For you youngsters, that was a satire on 1950 Tea Party  John Birch Society reaction to the government mandating putting flouride in drinking water as turning the country communist, which, it turns out, is the main reason for tooth decay being a thing of the past, and you having all of your teeth still in your mouth).

Today's media following PSU football is, without exception, leading a Jackwagon Mob of pitchfork-carrying Sheep and torch-carrying Rats repeating the mantra that " A Team With Two Quarterbacks has No Quarterback".

JoePa may, I think, be proving them wrong.

I personally have believed that McGloin should have had the starting job since day one, and come close to vomiting by the end of the 1st Quarter every game this year. 

Having said that, Rob Bolden will probably take the field and start against Purdue this week.  Even after producing only one offensive touchdown during the first quarter for the first half of the season.  

To quote Vince Lombardi  "What The Hell Is Going On Out There?  Then I start thinking, maybe the Old Man knows more about football than me or Corey Giger!

At the end of however-long-it-takes for JoePa to make up his mind, PSU will have two veteran QBs who have played on many drives that counted, when the game was in doubt.  Rob Bolden will probably be the best backup QB PSU has ever had next year, and will probably be outstanding two years from now, no doubt due to the playing time he has accrued and the confidence that the coaches have shown in him.

JACKWAGON ALERT........What is the main complaint that has been heard about PSU not developing QBs for the last decade?  PENN STATE DOES NOT PLAY THE 2ND STRING QB ENOUGH!.  Can you hear the distant echo's of the belly-ache-ers complaining about Clark not getting enough playing time early in the season?  Why doesn't the coaching staff play these guys when the games 'don't count'?

Remember that mantra? The old complaint was that they did not take the time to develop these people.  Now, the coaches are doing the exact opposite, and giving two people a LOAD OF PLAYING TIME.

So, maybe, at the end of......the game.....the season.....JoePa's insistance on developing two quarterbacks will come home in a payoff, when one of them goes down!

Or when McGloin graduates.

Where's my Pipe?

Boiler Down!

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