Attention: Everyone. Put the Gun Down, Step Back From the Ledge, the Sky isn't Falling, and....

Stop complaining.

I get it. The team didn't give one fuck vs Indiana on Saturday. That's not good.

That also happens vs every damn "Lesser" opponent. It even happened with Alabama vs Utah. Alabama did not care about Utah for that game. Utah was in a BCS bowl. It happens to every team. And you know what? Vs the only team that moves the meter, we were fired up. We were more than fired up. 

Point being, it happens to every team. Stop holding it against our team. It happens. Stop complaining.

Furthermore, a lot of you are unhappy about Jay saying our QB's would've gotten a "B". What do you want him to say?

Do want him to say our QB's were shit? Because that's not going to help. Telling someone they played horribly when they played badly isn't helpful. It's just derogatory and un-motivating. You complain about Bolden not caring and want to tell him he played badly? You really think that, out of all the things you could tell him, would help? 

"Hey Rob, Imma let you sulk some more soon, but you played poorly. We thought you should know"

"Thanks coach, I'll just go mope more. That really makes me want to try to win"


You think our offense can't move the ball? No, we did. We just can't finish. The offense isn't terrible itself. This is still better than the Dark Years. We had 464 yards and all of a sudden we can't move the ball? We're two plays away from 30-0 instead of 16-10 and we can't move the ball? 

There's a huge difference between not moving the ball and not scoring/not finishing. 

Please be quiet.

Oh wait, you really think we're one of the worst schools in the Big Ten? You really think we're going to finish .500 at best? 

Did I forget the only competent defensive player on Northwestern is Vince Brown? Did OHio State just rack up less yards than Youngstown State vs Michigan State? Did Ohio State get sacked 9 times? Or did they not. I forget. Remind me. 

Did... well, Purdue is Purdue. Did Iowa lose to Iowa State? Or did they not? Wait, could Illinois barely beat Western Michigan? Does Nebraska have an offense that can only score 17 vs Wisconsin? Or do they not?

We're not great. Neither are any of our opponents (Sans Wisconsin). It's still farcical to think we'll finish 6-6.

Basically, STOP IT


Listen, I get that the play calling is insipid at best. I get the OLine is terrible. I get that Rob hasn't progressed as much as I thought he had. I get we're not a top 5 university in football (At the moment). I want Joe to retire at the end of the season too.

But what I also get that we have one of the nations top defenses. I also get we have lots of talent at the skill positions. And I get that things aren't as bad as people perceive it to be. 

And to anyone that thinks that our coaching staff is bad, shut the fuck up. There's no other way to put that one. 

LSU fans had this same reaction when they were down 31-3 vs Troy and barely beat them. Alabama fans had the same reaction when they lost to UL Monroe. Oklahoma fans had the same reaction when they were demolished by Texas Tech 41-13. Iowa getting blown out by Indiana at one point when they won the Orange Bowl? Same year, Iowa 24 Arkansas State 21. Two years ago Arkansas was beating Western Illinois 28-24. Two years ago Vanderbilt 14 Auburn 13. In 2008 Wisconsin beat Cal Poly 36-35. Cal Poly missed 3 XP's that game.  Close games happen. Stop it.

In closing, the sky isn't falling. Stop acting like it is. We're not Pitt fans. We have something to look forward to the next day. And there's a reason why, too.


(Side note: Don't actually read this like I'm trying to go Joseph Stalin on you, fair reader. That's not the point of this.)

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