An odd request [update]

A Fera jersey.  I can't find one. Does anyone know where I could get one?

The backstory: as most of you know, I do not hail from PSU country.  Defiance, Ohio is pretty much equidistant from Ohio State, Michigan, and Notre Dame, and as such, is pretty much equally divided amongst fans.  Furthermore, it's 100% college football country.  There is no divided attention with the NFL.  Summary: all rabid college football fans, no Penn State fans.

Both myself and my sister chose to attend PSU.  After doing so, a younger cousin of ours (from the same area) chose to be a Penn State fan out of loyalty to us.  She will not be a PSU alum; she is severely autistic.  She does not speak well. Her linguistic and mathematical skills are about that of a 2nd grade student. 

She wore Mills and Robinson jerseys through the tail end of the Dark Years.  She wore her Morelli jersey every week, and every week reminded me that he's good sometimes and could get better.  She, like the rest of us, suffered through last year with pride in a program that was young, injured, but committed to doing things the right way.

I got a phone call from her after the Purdue game.  Play by play, we talked about what worked and what didn't.  I use the DVR.  She used memory.  This is customary.  Then she drops a request on me, "I want a #30 jersey.  The punter.  He's good."

"Yes, he is, but most people don't get the punter's jersey."

"And he's cute."  She is a teenage girl, after all.

I searched tirelessly and fruitlessly for a Fera jersey.  To the nether regions of the internets.  No avail whatsoever.

So now I appeal to you, fellow rabid PSU fans, for help.  If anyone knows where I could come across one, get a custom one, or anything else of that nature, please leave that drop of wisdom in the comments or email me at It will be much appreciated.


update:  Got a custom made from It was delivered today.  It lacks the Nike logo, but other than that (and some may prefer such an adjustment) it's great.  Thanks to all who helped, especially whiteout1.

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