The crazy mad genius of Jim Delany

So here we are after week nine of college football play.  Let's take a more or less facetious look at the races in the various conferences and see which is shaping up to be the most interesting as we head into the home stretch.


SEC: Seriously, are there any other teams this year besides LSU and 'Bama?  Anyone?  Does anyone really think that a team other than 'Bama or LSU will win the conference?  The only question in the SEC is how to get LSU and 'Bama in the conference championship game since they are in the same division and then try to petition to get them both in the MNC game to play for the third time this year.


Big XII: More interesting, especially now that there isn't a Big XII championship game.  Three teams are vying to be named champion....OkSU, OU, and Kansas State.  OkSU has to play Kansas State this week and finish with the Bedlam game to stay undefeated.  OU has Baylor and Iowa St, then Bedlam.


ACC: Unless something really bizarre happens, Clemson will be in the championship game.  The Coastal Division is a little more mysterious but VT is probably the front-runner but GT might challenge.  Expect Clemson to win the ACC.  The rest of Clemson's schedule is vs. Wake Forest, at NC State, and at South Carolina.


Big East: Really...who cares?  However, just in case someone does, Cincy, Louisville, WVU or Pitt could win the thing.  Again though......  (For my part, as long as Pitt doesn't win out, I'm good with it.)  People thought Syracuse had a shot to be in a BCS but then they shat the bed.


PAC-12(34): Does anyone...anyone...really believe any team other than either Stanford or Oregon will win the conference?  USC played Stanford tough and Arizona St is 4-1, but seriously......  Stanford and Oregon play each other and whichever one wins will go to the championship and beat someone up from the other division, then play in the Rose Bowl.


B1G: So they created a schedule whereby many of the heavyweights play toward the end of the season.  PSU/Nebraska, Nebraska/Michigan, PSU/Wisconsin, tOSU/Michigan, tOSU/PSU, Wiscy/tOSU, Nebraska/MSU.  Saving the best for last, more or less.  There are at least three teams in each division that have doable ways to get to Indy.  The whole thing is going to have to be played out before anyone can really say what will be the final result.  Yeah, a large part is a function of no one really dominating, but isn't that what makes this fun?  Everyone thought Wisconsin was going to run away with it, but Karma caught up to Bielema (Acts 17:11 - You may be sure your sins will find you out - and don't run up the score) and now they have to sweat it out just like everyone else.  tOSU is looking like a contender now (crap!).  Nebraska is starting to step up in defense (damnit!).  Michigan figured out how to play defense.  Four weeks of mayhem and I can't wait!  I swear Jim Delany planned this out with the ADs and everyone will be watching the B1G this year through the end to see what happens.  I can picture him cackling like Mr. Burns.....


Those other conferences (WAC/CUSA/MW/SUN BELT, etc):  See lead in to the Big East but this time I really mean it...

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