Dear Matthew McGloin

Thank you for all you've done for the PSU program. Without you last year, I can't say with certainty we would have made it to the Outback Bowl.

Thank you for the spark you provide on offense. They seem to move pretty well when you get in their faces.

Thank you for giving Joe Paterno his 400th win. It was a sight that brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you for extending our streak against Michigan. I was getting sick of those assholes beating us time after time. 

Thank you for doing the impossible and actually throwing TWO touchdown passes against OSU, at the shoe.

Thank you for that second-half rally against Michigan State. For a second there, I thought we would win.

Thank you for your fight against Florida. Had you finished that drive, we would have won the game.

Thank you for competing through spring ball and fall camp. I'm sure it made the both of you better.

Thank you for proving you have a lot of work to do with your performance against Alabama, even if you're hesitant to admit it.

Thank you for playing your part in the Temple game. We needed that tough environment.

Thank you for your drives against Indiana, as ugly a win as that was, we pulled it off with your help.

However, Matthew McGloin, I have to humbly ask you: Stop running your mouth, and get better. Don't talk about what you deserve and what you want to be called, and actually play like the QB you think you are. 

Here are a couple of things you need to understand about the current situation:

1) You are indeed a former walk-on. You have the chance to be a starter, but as stated above, you have to play better.

2) You may not realize it, but being a former walk-on is actually an advantage. Here are some comparisons to keep in mind, Matthew McGloin:

a) When you have a mediocre day on the field, fans, the media, and just about everyone else, praise you. When you have bad day, people expect you to, because you're the former walk-on. Expectations were never high for you. Whereas, when your counterpart has a mediocre day, he's not playing up to his potential. And when he has a bad day, everybody seems to think he just didn't pan out. Expectations were high for him, so anything outside of excellence is unacceptable for him.

b) You play to win [the starting job]. He plays not to lose [the starting job].

c) You play with a chip on your shoulder. You have nothing to lose. He plays looking over his shoulder, because he has everything to lose. 

3) You've been in the system longer than your counterpart. A lot longer. This has proven to be beneficial for you in the past, because your coach likes to play people who have been in the system for a while. The other thing this provides you with is greater familiarity with the playbook, and it shows. You are able to go through your progressions a lot faster, but somehow, you're still performing on par with your counterpart. 

a) Remember last year, Matthew. McGloin? your counterpart got injured, and you took over for him. Sparks flew, everything bright, lit it up, everything awesome. Then your counterpart healed. However, he got yanked after one mistake. You, on the other hand, stayed in mistake after mistake after mistake. Wouldn't you agree with me, that this may have been because you were in the system longer?

Some people will say that I'm being too harsh on you, Matthew McGloin. To those people I say "if stars don't matter, and what matters is performance once you're in, why are we holding you, Matthew McGloin, to a different standard than your counterpart?"

In closing, I just want you to know that I do hold you to the same standards as I hold your counterpart, Matthew McGloin. However, until you prove to us that you're ready to be infinitely better (not marginally better) against everybody, you will still be the former walk-on fighting for a starting spot, Matthew McGloin.

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