We Get Letters

Considering that is one of the biggest sites in the SB Nation college category, I haven't really received an overabundance of personal emails since we took the site over in August.  Most have been in reaction to the "new BSD" and have been overwhelmingly positive, which is satisfying.  Some people will always be loyal to Mike H. and the style/content he provided.  That's fine.  Sorry if you don't like what we're doing, and I hope you find a PSU blog who does things to your particular satisfaction.

It wasn't until this past week when the personal emails started flying in to not only me, but the other writers as well.  I'm going to share every one of them with you, taking out any identifying information along the way.  

Some are from commenters, some are from lurkers, some are from fans of other teams.  Sorry if I haven't personally responded to all of these (I've tried, really), but it's obviously been electronic Mogadishu in my Inbox this week.  All of your emails are greatly appreciated.


Just wanted to let you know that I read BSD quite a bit during football season, and I think you may be one of the only sane people on there tonight.  Being an IU alum and life-long fan, I know a little bit about what happens when people are finally willing to tell the emperor he has no clothes.  Believe me, it separates those who are true to the University from the "fans" quickly...and it's not a bad thing.

Just trying to be encouraging (without actually posting and getting flamed.)

Keep up the good work.


I ran the SBNation ---- site from 2006 until this summer, but perhaps more importantly for this conversation, I grew up about an hour northeast of Pittsburgh as a Penn State fan.  My two best friends from high school went there.  My sister graduated from there last year.  I grew up going to Beaver Stadium and wearing my sweet Rashard Casey jersey.
This is a terrible time for Penn State, but you're handling it with such grace and moral integrity, I just wanted to reach out.  I cruised the BSD comments, and Jesus, you're not even in a minority with your opinion, you're on your own.  My sister angrily called me, blaming the media and everyone else she could.
I'm sure you already see the big picture, but you're doing an incredible job covering this in the face of overwhelming outrage.  Keep up the great work, and I'm so very saddened that it had to end like this.


It's late, but I can't sleep for obvious reasons. I've been coming to BSD for the past few years [username] because I live in Ohio and I love Penn State. My dad grew up a fan and passed it on to me. However, being in the Buckeye state, it's pretty hard for me to find good information about PSU, especially without having to pay for the information. I stumbled onto BSD after being associated with a San Antonio Spurs blog and since that time, it has become a daily check for me. I'm not sure if any of you will read this (I'm sure you're probably getting some crazy emails), but I just wanted to ask a favor of you.


Please try and hold the blog together. The fan base is being torn apart. The University is being torn apart. Everyone on this blog is feeling like the entire world is coming after JoePa and Penn State. And they are doing what most tight knit groups do, growing closer together and lashing out. A lot of people are feeling hurt, sad, frustrated, angry, and just confused as to how this has crumbled before our eyes. So my plea to you is for a sense of reason and to try and keep this blog together.   I know a lot of you are mad. I know a lot of you don't understand how people can be so irrational about this horrific situation. But please remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Please try and remember that people just need some time to heal. To grieve. To get over this. I know it doesn't make sense, but that's just the truth.   I have been very impressed with the quality and content of the blog since the new regime has taken over and I have faith that it will continue. But I just hope for the sake of the blog, you guys can find a way to keep putting out quality coverage without taking it out on the fans. We have all been brought to this blog because of our love for Penn State. Yes, Joe Paterno, but more deeply, Penn State. And it's that love for Penn State that will get us through it.  There is a huge game on Saturday and I think the players on the team deserve our support and I hope in some small way, the focus can shift a bit to the game and that will allow people the chance to heal and move on.   I know this was a long email and I don't honestly know if anyone will actually read this, but I just wanted to say that I've appreciated the coverage of this situation and the coverage before. Please try and hold this site together.


I'm sure that your inbox is full, so I'll keep this brief.  Longtime reader of the site, but never a commenter.  Thanks for your thoughts on the ongoing tragedy at school, including your reaction to the BOT/Joe situation.  I'm not sure how people can feel that he should have coached on Saturday, and be more outraged over Joe's dismissal than the events and the damage they've done to the school, but it appears that most of the commenters on the site think that way.  Keep speaking your mind anyway.


I want to thank you for being out front and on top of this thing. However unpopular it may have been, you have taken the correct position from start. As you so aptly pointed out, our university harbored a pedophile for at least a decade.

It was easy for me to find your email address, so I can only imagine the hate mail you are receiving. You are a brave man.

I live overseas, and I've been following this thing on my newly formed twitter account, BSD, and tonight, CNN. I couldn't believe it was Penn State they were talking about on CNN.

While i thought the Board representative did an excellent job under adverse conditions, perhaps (and I can't quite believe I'm saying this) the best part of the CNN coverage was the closing piece from Dr. Phil. He listed a number if warning signs people can look for with pedophiles. He was very calm, matter of fact, and provided a lot of value (in business-speak).  If we can do anything as Penn State and Penn Staters perhaps we can disseminate his (or some) guidelines to maybe prevent this from happening in the future.  I don't know if they even broadcast his bit in the US?

You have the megaphone, maybe you will find it worth floating? Maybe preventing child sexual assault needs to be Penn State's thing?

I don't know. Maybe I'm just searching for answers...

We're going to have an announcement on this very soon, by the way.  We're going to be part of a major fund drive for one of the largest abuse prevention organizations in the nation.  Stay tuned.

Really sorry for what's happening in your program.  I feel gut punched so I can't even imagine how you feel.  I read your piece after writing my own and I felt like we came to the same basic conclusions.  I think BSD has handled this in exemplary fashion.


Paterno was a bit of a hero of mine and now I'm pretty badly disillusioned.  


Thanks for covering the recent news.  I'm pretty crushed over the events like everyone else.  I am a 2006 grad and I'm headed back for the Nebraska game this weekend.  I was there for the snowy Northwestern game two weekends ago and I have a feeling this is going to be much, much stranger.  Oddly enough, there's no where else i want to be right now than Happy Valley.

This is going to sound kind of stupid - I've thought about the game environment for the past couple days though.  I don't want to hear "Zombie Nation" and I don't want to hear "Party Rock Anthem".

This weekend, I'd like to hear the blue band play our fight songs.  That's it.

What do you think?  What's appropriate for this game?


Figure this might be a grain of salt and all, but I figured I'd write to you and thank you for (what I believe to be at least) your even-handed approach to this situation. There are certainly some commenters on BSD who have gone after you or your brother, and are all too comfortable with launching into some "defend Joe at all costs" diatribe without asking any questions of what happened, or didn't happen. 
I just hope that you and the other writers on the site aren't discouraged by some of the more emotional reactions from some of the commenters.

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