Et tu David

In case you don't know who your PSU BOT cowards are please see the list below.

Please note....both Dave Joyner and Paul Suhey played for Paterno but apparently (from Surma's admission that they fired Joe by phone) neither thought it appropriate to fire the man in person.

  • THOMAS W. CORBETT, JR. -- *Governor, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • GRAHAM B. SPANIER -- President, The Pennsylvania State University (Secretary of the Board of Trustees)
  • GEORGE D. GREIG -- Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
  • RICHARD J. ALLAN -- Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  • RONALD J. TOMALIS -- Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Education

Note: The date in parantheses following each name indicates the year in which the term will expire. Trustees appointed by the Governor serve until their successors have been appointed and confirmed.

  • ALVIN H. CLEMENS (2012) -- Past Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Provident
  • MARK H. DAMBLY (2014) -- President, Pennrose Properties, LLC
  • MICHAEL F. DiBERARDINIS (2012) -- Deputy Mayor for Environmental and Community Resources, City of Philadelphia; Commissioner, Department of Parks and Recreation
  • PETER A. KHOURY (2014) -- Undergraduate Student, The Pennsylvania State University
  • IRA M. LUBERT (2013) -- Chairman and Co-founder, Independence Capital Partners and Lubert Adler Partners L.P.
  • PAUL H. SILVIS (2013) -- Head Coach, SilcoTek

  • MARIANNE E. ALEXANDER (2014) -- President Emerita of the Public Leadership Education Network and CEO of Big Spoon Enterprises
  • H. JESSE ARNELLE (2014) -- Attorney
  • STEPHANIE N. DEVINEY (2013) -- Attorney at Law, Fox Rothschild LLP
  • STEVE A. GARBAN (2013) -- Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations/Treasurer Emeritus, The Pennsylvania State University (Chairman of the Board of Trustees)
  • DAVID R. JONES (2012) -- Assistant Managing Editor (Retired), The New York Times
  • DAVID M. JOYNER (2012) -- Corporate Medical Director and Partner, Occupational Athletics Incorporated
  • JOEL N. MYERS (2014) -- President, AccuWeather, Incorporated
  • ANNE RILEY (2012) -- Teacher
  • PAUL V. SUHEY (2013) -- Orthopedic Surgeon, Martin & Suhey Orthopedics

  • KEITH W. ECKEL (2013) -- Sole Proprietor and President, Fred W. Eckel and Sons Farms, Incorporated
  • SAMUEL E. HAYES, JR. (2013)
  • BARRON L. HETHERINGTON (2012) -- Special Advisor to the Governor, PA Department of Agriculture; Owner, B & R Farms
  • BETSY E. HUBER (2014) -- Immediate Past Master, Pennsylvania State Grange
  • KEITH E. MASSER (2014) -- Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Sterman Masser, Incorporated
  • CARL T. SHAFFER (2012) -- President, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau

  • JAMES S. BROADHURST (2014) -- Chairman, Eat'n Park Hospitality Group, Incorporated
  • KENNETH C. FRAZIER (2012) -- President & Chief Executive Officer, Merck & Company, Incorporated
  • EDWARD R. HINTZ, JR. (2012) -- President, Hintz Capital Management, Incorporated
  • KAREN B. PEETZ (2013) -- Vice Chairman, CEO of Financial Markets and Treasury Services, Bank of New York Mellon
  • LINDA B. STRUMPF (2014) -- Retired Chief Investment Officer, The Helmsley Charitable Trust
  • JOHN P. SURMA (2013) -- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, United States Steel Corporation (Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees)

  • CHARLES C. BROSIUS -- Retired President, Marlboro Mushrooms
  • WALTER J. CONTI -- Retired Owner, Cross Keys Inn/Pipersville Inn
  • DONALD M. COOK, JR. -- Retired President, SEMCOR, Incorporated
  • MARIAN U. BARASH COPPERSMITH -- Retired Chairman of the Board, The Barash Group
  • ROBERT M. FREY -- Attorney-at-Law, Frey & Tiley, P.C.
  • J. LLOYD HUCK -- Retired Chairman of the Board, Merck and Company, Incorporated
  • EDWARD P. JUNKER III -- Retired Vice Chairman, PNC Bank Corporation
  • ROGER A. MADIGAN -- Retired State Senator, 23rd Senatorial District
  • ROBERT D. METZGAR -- Former President, North Penn Pipe & Supply, Incorporated
  • BARRY K. ROBINSON -- Attorney-at-Law
  • L. J. ROWELL, JR. -- Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Provident Mutual Life Insurance
  • CECILE M. SPRINGER -- President, Springer Associates
  • HELEN D. WISE -- Former Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs and Secretary of the Cabinet, Governor's Office
  • BOYD E. WOLFF -- Retired, Owner and Operator Wolfden Farms
  • QUENTIN E. WOOD -- Retired Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Quaker State Corporation
  • EDWARD P. ZEMPRELLI -- Attorney

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