It's a terrible place we're in. Dealing with men who were supposed to be the pillars of truth and justice in a world that seems all too quick to find the easy way out. A misstep in NCAA compliance would have been an easy pill to swallow. The news would run, our time would be paid, and that would be it. Penn State was going to screw up at some point. Even those who didn't want to admit it knew that the chips were stacked against us.

But here we are. The tower of cards has fallen and the house is on fire. Those same men who we trusted in so deeply to do the right thing have suddenly been brought into the light for allegedly covering up the worst of all crimes. It's a punch in the gut that time may never fully heal.

What makes this even harder is how close it brings us to the man we've looked up to for so long. A current fan of him or not, you've come to this blog because of a love for Penn State that Joe Paterno helped craft. To damage that image would shake the very foundations of a school and football program unlike anything we have ever seen. It'sa truly sickening feeling knowing that Penn State has changed over night and that our leaders may not be what we thought they were.

For Curley and Schultz there future is of no importance to me. While Paterno's actions may have had room for more personal investigation, I do not believe for a second that Curley and Schultz were truthful with Paterno about their actions if this coverup is in-fact the truth. That alone is enough for my personal conviction even if it is speculation.

As far as Paterno, I, my soul, is unwilling to give up on him just yet. Perhaps his actions were not perfect even if he was being lied too, but I refuse the notion that Paterno was willingly hiding Sandusky within his program. Maybe I should, but right now I can't wrap my head around it, and I don't want to. It's the fear that sits in the pit our stomach while we read the allegations, that we can't stop the train that has already left the station.

But I think about Penn State

And WE really are Penn State. These men cannot take away the power of THON, they can't stop us from raising $2,000 dollars for Alabama relief. They can't keep us from being nice fans, or supporting our team with class. They can't keep us from doing well in the job market, or being all over the world. They can't keep the great athletes from being role models, and they can't keep us from coming back. That's up to you an me.

In the end these are hard times, but they are not end times. Penn State will pick itself up like it always has and march on to a day that we can all smile about. It isn't going to be easy, we might all get a little snippy or even shed a tear, but we'll make it. It's cliche, but it's all I've got.

And I wouldn't want to make the trip with anybody else.

We are.

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