The news media needs to be controlled

To begin, my heartfelt prayers go out to all the victims and the families involved in this Sandusky thing.

That said, this whole distasteful thing just demonstrates the ridiculous amount of power the news media wields. I continue to be amazed that first of all, they imply that Sandusky is guilty. He very well may be, but the last time I checked our constitution, everyone accused is innocent until PROVEN guilty. They aren't guilty when the media declares it. To read all this stuff, we shouldn't even bother with a trial, let's just take him out and hang him. 

Secondly, I find it interesting how the media has been calling for J. Paterno to step down (Please don't try to make me think that it has been anyone BUT the media) because he didn't do enough when he found out, Give me a break. Let's look over a partial list. 

1. in 1998, why didn't the mother report the incident to the police instead of just the school, but if she did, why not do any follow up?

2. How about the school administration that she did inform? what did they do? report it to authorities? any follow up?

3. It is my understanding that eventually, the police DID do an investigation and could find no substantive evidence? See my point about innocent until proven guilty.

4. Why didn't Mike McQueary report it to the police? After all, he was a big boy, an adult, a college graduate. Why didn't he follow up? How about his dad? Why didn't he?

5. How about the janitor that supposedly walked in on Sandusky and a victim?

6. The media is making this big thing about Paterno not following up after talking to HIS supervisor. How many of you out there report stuff to your supervisors and expect them to handle it? Now how often do you follow up to see if it was handled? I've been in high level positions in my career and have brought many sensitive issues to the attention of my supervisors, some of which included illegal activities of employees and have NEVER followed up with him / her to challenge whether they did anything about it! 

I could go on, but you get the idea if you have half a brain. Could JoePa have done more? Sure, but so could a whole host of others that didn't. Why aren't we calling for their heads? Ask yourself, why isn't the news media after them? Because no one cares if Sally Smith didn't do anything, but JoePa? Now that's news. in that regard, this isn't about justice for the victims, now is it?

I don't want to downplay the magnitude of these allegations, because if TRUE, the victims should get justice and Sandusky should be put somewhere so no other kids become victims. On the other hand, the media needs to realize that Joe Paterno is not the perpetrator here. He didn't do anything illegal or immoral or whatever the news media claims. Unfortunately, he is not only nationally recognized, he is fairly available and accessible, AND he regularly steps in front of the media morons.

The media needs to provide rational, objective information about events in ALL their reporting, not inflammatory news in an effort to sell their work over others. It is no wonder that the intelligent part of the population has such little respect for members of the media.  It may be time for some legislation that would hold them accountable for the inflammatory misrepresentations they make that ultimately destroy lives.They need to realize that when they point their finger at someone, three of their own are pointing right back at themselves.

No wonder they call it a "media circus"

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